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Davood Azad (born 6 October 1963) is an Iranian singer, multi-instrumental musician and composer [4][5] who sings both Iranian classical music and Azeri folk music.[6][7] He is the first Iranian lecturer invited to Oxford University to lecture about Iranian music & its forms.[8][9]

Davood Azad
داوود آزاد- Davood Azad.jpg
Background information
Born 6 October 1963
Urmia, Azerbaijan
Occupation(s) Singer, musician & composer [1][2]
Instruments Tar, Setar, Tanbour, Oud, Daf & Robab[3]

Davood Azad was born in Urmia, Azerbaijan. He is an ethnic Iranian Azerbaijani multi-instrumentalist and vocalist in Iranian classical music, Azerbaijani folk music, Ancient Persian music, and Persian Sufi music.

In his work "The Divan of Rumi & Bach" Azad joins Iranian Traditional music with Bach's famous melodies.[10]

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