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Rosenberg speaking at ceremony at the U.S. Navy Memorial, presenting Distinguished Sailors commemorative stamps.

David Alan Rosenberg (born 1948) is a military historian, and was Admiral Harry W. Hill Chair of Maritime Strategy at the National War College from 1996 to 2003[1] and held the Class of 1957 Distinguished Chair of Naval Heritage at the United States Naval Academy in 2015-2016.[2]



He graduated from American University, and from University of Chicago with an M.A., and Ph.D.[3] He taught at Temple University.[4]

He has received scholar grants for research from the Harry S. Truman Library Institute (1974, 1975, 1983), the Lyndon Baines Johnson Foundation (1983, 1992), the Ford Foundation (1985, 1986). In 1995, he was appointed and elected Chair of the Secretary of the Navy's Advisory Subcommittee on Naval History.



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