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Davey Glen Park is a 1-acre (4,000 m2) piece of parkland set aside by the city of Belmont, California, in 2000 as part of an upscale housing development nearby.[1][2][3][4][5] Park land donation or in-lieu fees are required, in this case, land was donated approximately valued at $450,000/- to the City of Belmont Parks department in 2000 by the developer so that a future park would be built on the site.[6] The site is currently zoned for planned development, but the title is held by the city.

The layout of Davey Glen Park is similar to that of Twin Pines park and other parks in Belmont. There is a flat area with a slope and a stream below it. The bay and Mount Diablo are partially visible through the Eucalyptus trees. It is close to a neighborhood shopping area. The park is located near the top of a steep grade, and there is a privately owned concrete walking path trail that provides access to the residents on North Road. This walking path was donated by the two adjacent homeowners (one of which was a former mayor of Belmont).

Coordinates: 37°31′30″N 122°17′10″W / 37.524862°N 122.286134°W / 37.524862; -122.286134


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