Dave Sirulnick is an American television producer.

Sirulnick was born on May 26, 1964, and grew up and graduated from high school in Teaneck, New Jersey,[1] and became involved with booking musicians such as LL Cool J, Run DMC, and Salt-N-Pepa at the nearby Bergenfield, New Jersey, roller rink. He later attended Rutgers University. After the university, he was hired as a news producer at CNN through his father's connections.[citation needed] Sirulnick was eventually involved with Nirvana.[clarification needed]

In 1987, he joined MTV, claiming that they "wanted someone to grow their news department. It's what I wanted my whole life: TV, music and news".[2] He eventually became the executive vice president for Multiplatform Production, News and Music at MTV.[1] Sirulnick's responsibilities included oversight of MTV's signature show, Total Request Live.[3] Half of MTV's programming had been within his job functions.[4] He was the chief architect of the MTV Video Music Awards.[5] In March 2015, he and others were dismissed from their positions at MTV by Viacom, the parent corporation.[6]

As of January 2019, Sirulnick is a partner at RadicalMedia.[7]

Television and film creditsEdit

Year Television and Films Credited as
Director Producer Writer Other Notes
2012 Caged Yes
2010 MTV Video Music Awards Yes
My Life as Liz Yes
Drake: Better Than Good Enough Yes TV Documentary
When I Was 17 Yes TV Series Documentary
Summit On The Summit Yes TV Documentary
Teen Cribs Yes
2009 Made Yes
MTV Video Music Awards 2009 Yes
Get Schooled: You have the Right Yes Yes Yes Creator
It's On With Alexa Chung Yes
Steve-O: Demise and Rise Yes TV Documentary
Be The Change Inaugural Ball Yes TV Movie
Get Schooled Yes Yes Yes Creator
2008 FNMTV Premiers Yes
MTV Goes Gold: New Year's Eve 2007 Yes TV Movie
Total Final Live Yes
MTV Video Music Awards 2008 Yes
Jonas Brothers: Live & Mobile Yes TV Movie
Kanye West Homecoming Special Yes TV Documentary
2007 One Upon a Prom 2007 Yes TV Movie
MTV Goes Gold: New Years Eve 2007 Yes TV Movie
Engaged & Underaged Yes
Two-A-Days: Hoover High Yes
Tiara Girls Yes
2005 MTV Video Music Awards 2005 Yes
2004 The Shady National Convention Yes TV Special
Laguna Beach: The Real Orange County Yes
MTV Movie Awards 2004 Yes
This is my Band: D12 Yes TV Documentary
I Want A Famous Face Yes
MTV Backstage at the Grammys Yes
2003 MC Battle II: The Takeover in Times Square Yes TV Movie
All Eyes On: Britney Spears Yes TV Documentary
MTV Movie Awards 2003 Yes
Snoop To The Extreme Yes TV Movie
MTV News: The Social History of the Hair Yes TV Documentary Short
MTV News: The Social History of the Piercing Yes TV Documentary Short
MTV Icon: Metallica Yes TV Special
MTV Backstage at the Grammys Yes TV Special
2002 MTV Video Music Awards Yes
Diary Presents: WMA Superstars Yes TV Movie
MTV Movie Awards 2001 Pre-Show Yes
MTV News: The Social History of the Moshpit Yes TV Movie
MTV Fashionable Loud: Sports Illustrated Edition Yes TV Movie
Be Heard: An MTV Global Discussion with Colin Powell Yes TV Movie
MTV Mardi Gras 2002 Yes
Stung Yes TV Movie
MTV Icon: Aerosmith Yes TV Documentary
2001 The Life Of Aaliyah Yes
MTV 20: Live & Almost Legal Yes TV Documentary
U2 on Tour: Leaving Nothing Behind Yes TV Documentary
Camp Scott Lock-Up Yes TV Documentary
MTV Movie Awards 2001 Pre-Show Yes TV Special
All Eyes On Yes
MTV Fashionable Loud: Spring Break, Cancun 2001 Yes TV Movie
MTV Icon: Janet Jackson Yes TV Special Documentary
Rage Against The Machine: The Battle of Mexico City Yes Video Documentary
Super Bowl XXXV Half-time show Yes
TRL Super Bowl Yes TV Movie
Frontline Television News Himself
2000 MTV Video Music Awards Opening Act Yes TV Special
Choose Or Lose 2000: Why Care? Yes TV Documentary
MTV Movie Awards 2000 Pre-Show Yes TV Special
Wanna Be A VJ 3 Yes TV Special
MTV Fashionable Loud: Spring Break, Cancun 2000 Yes TV Movie
MTV Backstage at the Grammys Yes TV Special
MTV Video Music Awards 2000 Yes
The Lowdown Yes
1999 MTV New Years Eve Live 1999 Yes
Wanna Be A VJ Too Yes TV Special
MTV Uncensored Yes TV Documentary
Alanis T.V. Yes TV Special
Mansion T.V. Yes TV Special
Dre TV Yes TV Special
MTV Fashionable Loud: Miami Yes TV Movie
MTV 2 Large: New Years Eve 2000 Yes TV Special
1998 MTV New Years Eve 1998 Yes TV Documentary
Beastieography Yes TV Special
True Life Yes 1998–2009


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