Dave Evans Bicentennial Tree

Bicentennial Tree
Comparative perspective of a hand and a car from the lookout

The Dave Evans Bicentennial Tree, a 75 m (246 ft) tall karri tree, was pegged for climbing to celebrate Australia's bicentenary in 1988.[1] The tree is located within Warren National Park in southwestern Australia.[2] Although it has been used as a fire lookout, the tree is mainly used as a tourist attraction.[3] The lookout platform is reached by climbing 165 metal spikes hammered into the trunk.[1]

The Bicentennial Tree is one of three lookout trees, along with the Diamond and Gloucester Tree, Dave Evans and Gloucester remain climbable by tourists, but Diamond Tree was closed in 2019. All three trees are located near Pemberton, Western Australia.[1]

Looking down at the climbing spikes about halfway to the top

The tree was named after local politician Dave Evans.[4]

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