Dave Burgess (guitarist)

Dave Burgess (born December 13, 1934, Beverly Hills, California, United States) is an American guitar player, singer, songwriter, and band leader of The Champs.[1][2]


In 1953, he recorded for Okeh, as a singer, but he did not have much success. He recorded for different record labels[which?] throughout the 1950s. In 1957, he recorded for Challenge as Dave Dupre'. He was successful for writing many songs including the 1957 hit I'm Available.

The ChampsEdit

On a date, when he was recording with some session musicians, they composed the song "Tequila". That was when the band started, and Dave Burgess was on rhythm guitar.

Manager feudEdit

With Danny Flores, they co-managed The Champs. Since they both contributed to most of the band’s success, they had differences. This subsequently led to Flores and the drummer, Gene Alden, leaving the band.[citation needed]

Full-time managerEdit

In 1959, since Glen Campbell came in as the new rhythm guitarist for the band, Burgess left, but was still their manager. In 1965, he put an end to The Champs. He composed many of their songs,[which?] while he was the manager.


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