Dathina (Arabic: دثينة Dathīnah), the Dathina Sheikhdom (Arabic: مشيخة دثينة Mashyakhat Dathīnah), or sometimes the Dathina Confederation, was a state in the British Aden Protectorate, the Federation of Arab Emirates of the South, and its successor, the Federation of South Arabia. Its capital was Mudiyah.[1]

Dathina Sheikhdom
مشيخة دثينة
State of the Federation of South Arabia
18th century–1967
Map of the Federation of South Arabia
 • TypeSheikhdom
Historical era20th century
• Established
18th century
• Disestablished
Preceded by
Succeeded by
Federation of Arab Emirates of the South
South Yemen


The state was abolished on 14 August 1967 upon the founding of the People's Republic of Yemen. In 1990 it became part of the Republic of Yemen.


Dathina was ruled for one-year terms by Chairmen of the Council of State who bore the title Na'ib, Ra'is Majlis al-Dawla.[2]

  • 1965 - 6? Apr 1966? al-Husayn ibn Mansur al-Jabiri
  • 1966 - 14 Aug 1967 `Abd al-Qadir ibn Shaya

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