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In computing, the data plane is the part of the software that processes the data requests.[1] By contrast, the control plane is the part of the software that configures and shuts down the data plane.[2]

The conceptual separation of the data plane from the control plane has been done for years.[2] An early example is Unix, where the basic file operations are open, close for the control plane and read, write for the data plane.[3] Another example is from object oriented programming languages that differentiates between class, method(s) and instance methods.[4][5]

The distinction has proven useful in the networking field where it originated (in networking, the data plane is sometimes referred to as the forwarding plane), as it separates the concerns: the data plane is optimized for speed of processing, and for simplicity and regularity.[6][7] The control plane is optimized for customizability, handling policies, handling exceptional situations, and in general facilitating and simplifying the data plane processing.[6][7]


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