Darya Imad Shah

Darya Imad Shah (Persian: دریا عماد شاه) was the third Sultan of Berar. He reigned between 1530 and 1561.[1]

Darya Imad Shah
Sultan of the Berar Sultanate
PredecessorAladdin Imad Shah
SuccessorBurhan Imad Shah
IssueBurhan Imad Shah
Daulat Shah Begum
DynastyImad Shahi Dynasty
FatherAladdin Imad Shah

Darya Imad Shah's attempts to rule peacefully meant dealing diplomatically with the local powers of Bijapur and Ahmadnagar.[2] His daughter Daulat Shah Begum married the Ahmadnagar Sultan Hussain Nizam Shah I in 1558 on the banks of the Godavari River, and he came to the aid of his son-in-law against Aliya Rama Raya of the Vijayanagara Empire when he was subsequently attacked.[3] This was an antecedent of the subsequent alliance between the Deccan Sultanates that fought in the Battle of Talikota. He died and was succeeded by his son, still an infant, in 1561.[2]



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