Darvoz Range

The Darvaz Range or Darvoz Range (Russian: Дарва́зский хребе́т) is a mountain range in the Western Pamirs, in Gorno-Badakhshan Autonomous Region of Tajikistan. Its name derives from the historical region of Darvaz.[1]

Darvaz Range
Darvaz Range is located in Tajikistan
Darvaz Range
Location in Tajikistan
Highest point
PeakArnavad Peak
Elevation6,083 m (19,957 ft)
Coordinates38°34′00″N 71°31′00″E / 38.5667°N 71.5167°E / 38.5667; 71.5167Coordinates: 38°34′00″N 71°31′00″E / 38.5667°N 71.5167°E / 38.5667; 71.5167
Length200 km (120 mi) NE/SW
Width50 km (31 mi) NW/SE
Native nameДарва́зький хребе́т (Russian)
Parent rangePamir Mountains
Age of rockPaleozoic
Type of rockGranite and metamorphic schist


Starting in the east near the Academy of Sciences Range by Mount Garmo, it stretches from Mount Garmo roughly southwestwards between the Vanj River and Panj River (following the flows of the two), and the Obikhingou, a tributary of the Vakhsh River. The Vanj River separates it from the Vanj Range. Roughly 750 km2 of the mountain chain are glaciated.[1]

The highest summit of the range is Arnavad Peak (Qullai Arnavad), a 6083 m high ultra-prominent peak.[2][3]

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