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Radojka Adžić (Serbian Cyrillic: Радојка Аџић; born 21 May 1976), known by her stage name Dara Bubamara (Дара Бубамара), is a popular Serbian singer.

Dara Bubamara
Birth nameRadojka Adžić
Born (1976-05-21) 21 May 1976 (age 42)
Novi Sad, Yugoslavia
  • Singer
Years active1989–present
Associated acts


Life and careerEdit

Early lifeEdit

She grew up in Satelit, a neighborhood of Novi Sad, Serbia.[1] Her mother Milica (1938 – 22 August 2011)[2][3] was a food server in a hospital, and her father Petar[4] was a cab driver.[5] They had moved to Novi Sad from Osinja, Derventa, SR Bosnia and Herzegovina before Radojka was born. During childhood she joined the school choir to her singing.

At age 11, she began to compete in the various music events. Shortly after that, she was a guest at the concert of Lepa Lukić. With 12 years she represented Vojvodina on "Zmajeve decije igre" in Novi Sad and won first place. Two years later she also won the title "most beautiful voice of Yugoslavia".[citation needed]


Adžić debuted aged 13 on the talent show 'Pokaži šta znaš' in 1989 singing songs by Lepa Brena and Neda Ukraden.[6] She started her professional career in 1993 as a part of Dara Bubamara band, from which she got her stage name. They have released only one studio album titled 'Košava sa Dunava' (Košava from Danube). In the following year she left the group and started her own solo career as 90s teen idol with dance-folk album 'Dosada' (Boredom). After she had published her most successful album yet in 2007 - 'Dodirni me' (Touch Me) featuring hit song 'Zidovi' (Walls) Dara lost the record deal with the biggest Serbian label - Grand Production and was in the situation to potentially ruin her career. However, that was not the case. In 2010 she released her 9th album for small Belgrade situated label KCN, but popular songs like 'Ciao Amore' made her achieve success. During the 2010s Dara changed her style by working with popular hip-hop producer Stefan Đurić Rasta while bringing electronic or even R&B sound to her new tracks such as 'Opasan' (Dangerous); 'Karera' (Carrera) and 'Extravagantno' (Extravagant). In April 2018 she held her biggest and most complex concert in Štark Arena, which infamously led to breakup of her friendship with Seka Aleksić, who signed her concert for one week before Daras and reconciliation with Jelena Karleuša, who supported Dara and was a guest on her concert.[7]

Personal lifeEdit

She has a son named Konstantin (born 2 January 2009) with former husband Milan Kesić. The divorce came in 2016 after media scandal in which her private nude photos leaked to the public.


  • Košava sa Dunava (1993)
  • Dosada (1995)
  • Dara Bubamara (1996)
  • Dunav (1997)
  • Dara (1999)
  • Dvojnica (2001)
  • Dara Bubamara (2003)
  • Polje jagoda (2003)
  • Bez milosti (2005)
  • Dodirni me (2007)
  • Sangrija (2010)
  • Dara 2013 (2013)
  • Biografija (2017)

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