Dar al-Sultan (Arabic: دار السلطان) is a palace dating back to the Marinid dynasty in the village of Ubbad, 2km south of Tlemcen, Algeria. The palace is a part of the greater complex of Sidi Abu Madyan Mosque. The palace is named as "Dar al-Sultan" which means "house of the sultan" as sultans had stayed there during their visit to Ubbad.[1] Construction of the palace was carried out simultaneously with the construction of Sidi Abu Madyan Mosque in 1339. Eight years later, a madrasa was established as well.[2] Although the palace is small, it features patios, arcades, water ways and numerous rooms. The palace was abandoned after the demise of the Marinid dynasty.[1] It is considered a prominent example of the Marinid-era Islamic architecture.[2]

Dar al-Sultan palace

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