Dapdap Elementary School

Dapdap Elementary School is a public elementary school in the town of Tangalan. It is under the Department of Education, district of Tangalan, division of Aklan, Region VI.[3]

Dapdap Elementary School
DES flagpole.JPG
Front quadrangle of Dapdap Elementary School.

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Coordinates11°45′13″N 122°17′20″E / 11.75361°N 122.28889°E / 11.75361; 122.28889Coordinates: 11°45′13″N 122°17′20″E / 11.75361°N 122.28889°E / 11.75361; 122.28889
School typePublic school Elementary school
Established1930 (1930)
School districtTangalan
PrincipalJoni T. Antaran
Teaching staff7
GradesKindergarten, Elementary
Enrollment132[1] (School Year 2013-2014)
Education systemK-12
Area4, 882 sq. m.
Campus typeRural
Green and White
Budget₱117 thousand[2]


The first school in barangay Dapdap was at the terrace of the house of Mr. Marcos E. Traje located at the lot of Mr. Salvador Antaran. It was for S.Y. 1934-1935 when the first class was held and the school was named Dapdap Primary School.

Dapdap Primary School became Dapdap Elementary School in S.Y. 2003–2004 with a total land area of 4,882 sq. m.

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