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Danville High School (DHS) is a public high school located in Danville, Illinois. DHS is part of Danville District 118, which also includes two middle schools and eight elementary schools. This also includes The Kenneth D. Bailey Academy, previously Holy Family Catholic School, the new home for Danville School District 118's alternative programs.[9]

Danville High School
202 East Fairchild Street


United States
Coordinates40°08′17″N 87°37′36″W / 40.1381°N 87.6267°W / 40.1381; -87.6267
School typepublic secondary
School districtDanville District 118
SuperintendentDr. Alicia Geddis[1]
PrincipalKimberly Norton[2]
Enrollment1,533 (2016-17)[4]
Average class size21.6[5]
Campus typeurban
Color(s)     maroon
Athletics conferenceDanville competes in the Big Twelve Conference (Illinois) along with Peoria Richwoods, Peoria High, Peoria Manual, Peoria Notre Dame, Urbana, Champaign Central, Normal Community West, Normal Community, and Bloomington
Team nameVikings/Lady Vikings[6]
NewspaperMaroon & White[8]

The school is perhaps best known for four of its alumni who went on to success in acting: Gene Hackman, the brothers Dick and Jerry Van Dyke, Donald O'Connor, and one who became an important figure in popularizing early twentieth century popular music, Bobby Short.



mrs cherry, the current principal of Danville High School, is the school's 33nd principal since 1870.[7]

 mrs cherry


For the graduating class of 2016, DHS had an average composite ACT score of 17.6, and graduated 69.7% of its senior class.[5]

In September 2009 the school hosted several education administrators from Taiwan who were visiting to not only see how the school functions, but to participate in a learning opportunity for the school's Global House.[10]

school activitiesEdit


The school offers approximately 30 clubs and activities ranging from service-oriented clubs to academic competition, to art appreciation.[11] Among the clubs which are chapters for more national organizations are Key Club, and National Honor Society.[11]

The choral music program supports a choir, show choir, and madrigal program.[12]

The instrumental music program supports two symphonic bands, a pep band (the Maroon Maniacs), percussion ensemble, jazz ensemble, madrigal brass band, marching band (Band of Vikings),a jazz combo (The Tenth Degree), madrigal strings, string orchestra and a symphony orchestra.[13]

In 2004 the school staged the musical Bye Bye Birdie, which (at its 1958 Broadway premier) had starred alum Dick Van Dyke in the role of Albert Peterson. For the 2004 production, Van Dyke returned to the school, and learned one of the numbers (Put On a Happy Face) alongside the students, performing both nights of the show. Van Dyke, who joined the military before receiving his diploma, was also granted his high school diploma at a ceremony.[14][15]


DHS competes in the Big Twelve conference and is a member of the Illinois High School Association (IHSA); the organization which organizes most interscholastic high school sports and competitive activities in the state of Illinois. Teams are stylized as the Vikings (or Lady Vikings for women's teams).

The school sponsors interscholastic teams for young men and women in basketball, cross country, soccer, swimming & diving, tennis, and track & field.[16] Young men may participate in baseball, football, golf, and wrestling, while young women may compete in cheerleading and softball.[16] While not sponsored by the IHSA, the Athletic Department also sponsors a poms team (Pompettes).[16]

The following teams finished in the top four of their respective IHSA sponsored state championship tournament or meet:[17]

  • Basketball (boys): 3rd place (1970–71, 1992–93); 2nd place (1935–36, 1949–50)
  • Football: 2nd place (1976–77) semifinals (1978-1979) (2009–10) semifinals (2010-2011)
  • Golf (boys): 4th place (1938–39); State Champions (1981–82)
  • Swimming & Diving (boys): 3rd place (1939–40, 1940–41)
  • Tennis (boys): 4th place (1952–53, 1958–59, 1966–67); 3rd place (1946–47, 1947–48, 2002–03); 2nd place (1951–52, 1959–60); State Champions (1945–46, 1953–54)
  • Track & Field (boys): 3rd place (1983–84, 1989–90); State Champions (1924–25)
  • jrotc drill(Chicago): 2nd place


The school has two songs: a fight song and a cheer song. The cheer song's lyrics were borrowed from the cheer song written for Illinois Wesleyan University, substituting "Danville High" for "Wesleyan" and "maroon" for "green".[7][18]

The school claims no knowledge as to why the school colors were chosen, though they date to at least 1906.[7] The school's teams were originally stylized as the Maroons.[7] The school's teams briefly used the name Silver Streaks before adopting Vikings in 1960.[7] While the Vikings name stuck, an attempt to change the school's primary color from maroon to light blue failed to catch on.[7]

Dress CodeEdit

As of the 2017-2018 school year, Danville District 118 has revised their old dress code into a new dress code that lets students dress freely as long as it is not vulgar or explicit.[19]

Notable alumniEdit


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