Dano-Swedish War (1501–1512)

The Dano-Swedish War from 1501 to 1512 was a military conflict between Denmark and Sweden within the Kalmar Union.

Danish–Swedish–Hanseatic War
Part of Dano–Swedish Wars
Svante Nilsson Regent of Sweden battle scene 1889 by Louise Elisabet Granberg Stjernström (b&w).jpg
Svante Sture's War with Denmark
(Swedish imagination of 1888)
Result Treaty of Malmö: Sweden and Lübeck agree to pay contribution to Denmark
Norwegian rebels
Free City of Lübeck

 Kalmar Union

Commanders and leaders

Sweden Sten Sture (†1503)
Sweden Svante Sture
Sweden Hemming Gadh
Norway Knut Alvsson (†1502)

Norway Nils Ravaldsson

Denmark King John
Denmark Queen Christina

Norway Henrich Krummedige

The war began with a Swedish and a Norwegian revolt against King John and the siege of Queen Christina in her castle in Danish-held Stockholm. The Norwegian revolt was crushed in 1504.

Fighting intensified in 1509 and 1510 when the German city of Lübeck and the Hanseatic League helped Sweden to conquer Danish-held Kalmar and Borgholm. The recently established Danish Navy fought joint Hanseatic-Swedish naval forces at Nakskov and Bornholm in 1510 and 1511. In April 1512, a peace agreement was signed in Malmö.


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