Dannenstern House

The Dannenstern House (Latvian: Dannenšterna nams) is a historical building in the Old town of Riga, Latvia.

Dannenstern House
Dannenšterna nams (in Latvian)
Dannenstern House (2).jpg
General information
Architectural styleBaroque
Town or cityRiga
ClientErnst Metsue von Dannenstern
Design and construction
ArchitectRupert Bindenschu

The house was built by and is named after Ernst Metsue von Dannenstern, a wealthy merchant. It dates from 1696 and is considered one of the finest examples of Baroque architecture in Riga. It was designed by German architect and chief architect of Riga Rupert Bindenschu. The street facade, in limestone, has giant order Corinthian pilasters and two elaborate entrance portals, created by sculptor D. Walter. The building also contains fragments of an earlier, medieval building.[1]


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Coordinates: 56°56′44″N 24°06′29″E / 56.94556°N 24.10806°E / 56.94556; 24.10806