Danish National School of Performing Arts

The Danish National School of Performing Arts (Danish: Den Danske Scenekunstskole) is an artistic educational institution governed by the Danish Ministry of Culture. The school offers higher education and continuing education within performing arts. Based in Denmark, the school has campuses in Aarhus, Fredericia, Copenhagen and Odense.


The Danish National School of Performing Arts (DASPA) was established in 2015 when all the Danish performing arts educations were unified in one school.[1] Former performance institutions included Aarhus Theatre School, Odense Teater school, Aarhus Theater Playwright School, The Danish Musical Academy in Fredericia, Odsherred Theater School and the National Performing Arts School.[1] The School offers educational programmes at BA, MFA, and diploma level.


Programmes at Bachelor LevelEdit

  • Acting
  • Dance and Choreography
  • Musical Theatre
  • Theatre and Performance Making (Lighting, Playwriting, Scenography, Sound, Stage Directing)
  • Performing Arts Production (Management, Stagecraft)[2]

Programmes at Master LevelEdit

  • Master of Fine Arts in Performing Arts
  • Master of Fine Arts in Choreography
  • Master of Fine Arts in Playwriting.
  • Masters of Fine Arts in Directing.
  • Masters of Fine Arts in Acting.
  • Master of Fine Arts in Dance and Participation[3]

Programmes at Diploma LevelEdit

  • Diploma in Creative Producing and Cultural Leadership[4]

Notable alumniEdit


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