Daniele Cortis

Daniele Cortis (also known as Elena) is a 1947 Italian drama film directed by Mario Soldati and starring Vittorio Gassman, Sarah Churchill and Gino Cervi.[2] The film (set in nineteenth-century Italy) follows the impossible love affair between Elena, a noblewoman married to a man who doesn't understand her, and Daniele Cortis, her young cousin and Christian idealist. It is an adaptation of the 1885 novel of the same title by Antonio Fogazzaro.

Daniele Cortis
Daniele Cortis.jpg
Directed byMario Soldati
Written by
Produced bySalvo D'Angelo[1]
CinematographyVencesalo Vich[1]
Music byNino Rota[1]
Release date
  • 1947 (1947)



From a contemporary review, the Monthly Film Bulletin review noted that the print was cut by about 35 minutes and featured "indifferent dubbing" and a "very poor print quality".[1] The review found that with these issues the film was "incomprehensible", but the film was "an astonishing example of how completely such mutilation can change a film, which in this case was already of indifferent quality."[1]


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