Daniel Alpert

Daniel Alpert is an American investment banker and writer best known for his writing on the credit bubble and the ensuing financial crisis of the 2000s.[1][2]

Daniel Alpert, Jennifer Warren and Gary Silverman (Financial Times)

He is the author of The Age of Oversupply: Confronting the Greatest Challenge to the Global Economy[3] (Penguin Portfolio) on the effect of macroeconomic imbalances on advanced economies.

Daniel Alpert is a fellow of the New York-based Century Foundation,[4] one of the nation’s oldest think tanks.


Alpert heads up Westwood Capital’s real estate and hospitality industry practice.[citation needed] Prior to forming Westwood Capital in 1995, Daniel Alpert was a banker and partner at Oppenheimer & Co., Inc.[citation needed]

Alpert was also featured in the 2010 film Inside Job,[5] which tells the story of the 2008 global financial crisis.

Alpert is a founder of the World Economic Roundtable program of the New America Foundation, a Washington and San Francisco-based think tank.[6] In 2011, Alpert conceived of, and co-authored along with Nouriel Roubini, New York University Professor of Economics, and Robert Hockett, a Professor of Financial Law at Cornell University, a widely cited and debated white paper on behalf of the New America Foundation entitled "The Way Forward"[7] that has been credited on most sides of the macroeconomic debate with providing a clear and concise explanation of the issues that gave rise to the global financial crisis[2][8][9] and was a precursor to “The Age of Oversupply.”

Alpert was named a fellow (in economics and finance) of The Century Foundation in January 2012.[4]


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