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Danger Rangers is a television program that aired on PBS Kids. From September 2011 to September 2012, the show was re-aired on CBS as part of Cookie Jar TV.

Danger Rangers
Created byWalter Douglas Smith Jr.
Michael D. Moore
Directed byJohn Kafka
Russell Calabrese
Jonathan Feltzenbaum
Voices ofCharlie Adler
Grey DeLisle
Mark Hamill
Jerry Houser
John Kassir
Rob Paulsen
Kevin Michael Richardson
Tasia Valenza
Country of originUnited States
Original language(s)English
No. of seasons1
No. of episodes16
Running time22 minutes
DistributorMighty Kids Media (formerly known as Educational Adventures)
Original networkPBS
Picture format480i (SDTV)
Original releaseSeptember 5, 2005 (2005-09-05) –
December 26, 2006 (2006-12-26)


The original Danger Rangers pilot was created in 1999. However, the first Hollywood production was completed in 2003. The show was created from the cause of children's safety and was the first show to successfully put Disney-quality productions into a quality curriculum. Danger Rangers was the most successfully distributed independent show on PBS affiliates and was documented to have saved lives.[1]


Seven animal heroes the Danger Rangers, their robot Fallbot, and their artificial intelligence called SAVO teach children about safety through examples, such as environmental hazards and unsafe places.


  • Sully (voiced by Jerry Houser) - A blue otter. He is the leader and spokesanimal of the Danger Rangers. He cares a lot about his appearance, but also takes his duties as leader seriously.
  • Kitty (voiced by Grey DeLisle) - A pink cat. She is the intelligent, cool and adventurous second-in-command of the group. She is also helpful and resourceful, and strongly believes in playing fair.
  • Burble (voiced by Kevin Michael Richardson) - A large polar bear. He is the strong and humorous recreational safety expert. He is also the group's "gentle giant" and prefers to play both fair and safe.
  • Squeaky (voiced by Rob Paulsen) - A navy mouse. He is small, yet very valuable to the Danger Rangers. With his size, he can fix any problem which otherwise prove to be too small for the others to handle.
  • Burt (voiced by Mark Hamill) - A green turtle. He is the team's creative and genuine personal safety expert. As the team's inventor, Burt would always come up with some inventions, including Fallbot, that would help the Danger Rangers in their missions.
  • Gabriela (voiced by Tasia Valenza) - A red hummingbird. She is the operations chief and head safety trainer. While others go out on the field during a mission, she also acts as a supervisor. Of course, sometimes she joins the mission. She is also called G.B.
  • Fallbot (voiced by John Kassir) - A robot who was created by Burt. He is the eager yet clumsy ally of the Danger Rangers. He is very inquisitive when it comes to learning about safety rules but sometimes his talkativeness can make others annoyed at times.
  • SAVO (voiced by Charlie Adler in most episodes, Jonathan Harris in "Mission 547: Safety Rules") - The artificial intelligence of the Danger Rangers' base. His name is an acronym, as it means "Safety Alert Vectometer" (as shown in "Mission 547: Safety Rules"). He would always alert the Danger Rangers of any safety trouble. He also somewhat has a flair for the dramatic.
  • Junior Danger Rangers - Various children who are future experts at different safety rules that work with the Danger Rangers, who some even look up to.

Series overviewEdit

Season Episodes Originally Aired
First Aired Last Aired
1 16 September 3, 2005 (2005-09-03) December 26, 2006 (2006-12-26)


Title Original Air Date
1"Water Works"September 3, 2005 (2005-09-03)

When Commander Octodon builds his vast underwater hideout that causes the oceans to rise, he sends his henchmen Lobster Theodore and Joey Clams to sabotage the pools that the Danger Rangers plan to build all over the world but when Fallbot comes with them, they blame him for it.

Song: "Everybody Be Water Safe" (performed twice; the second time has Fallbot singing Squeaky's solo parts)

NOTE 1: This is the series premiere.

NOTE 2: This is the only episode to only have one song and to have any song performed more than once.
2"Wild Wheels"September 10, 2005 (2005-09-10)

Rusty Ringtail builds skate ramps in New York City so he and his friends Chilli Dog and Snarf can skate to the top of the Statue of Liberty. Burble has previously encountered Rusty before in his early work and works to reason with him.

Songs: "Wheels," "Rules of The Road"
3"Where the Fun Never Stops"October 13, 2005 (2005-10-13)

During Boston's power surge problem, Nobel Prize-winning inventor Quenton V. Manderbill plots to build a transporter powered by the wasted energy that children use playing on the prize-rigged playground equipment made by his Play Along Playground Equipment company. When the Danger Rangers end up captured, Gabriela contacts their Junior Danger Ranger allies in Boston for help.

Songs: "When You're Coming Down that Slide," "Keep Yourself Safe"
4"Fires and Liars"October 24, 2005 (2005-10-24)

The Danger Rangers celebrate National Fire Safety Month across the United States. In Chicago, two boys named Derek and Scott cause a false alarm that Fire Chief Daniels and his fire department respond to. When Derek and Scott play with fireworks and accidentally start a major fire near their building, Sully and Kitty must help the Chicago Fire Department put out the fire, rescue the building's inhabitants, and teach Derek and Scott about fire safety.

Songs: "False Alarms," "Never Mess Around with Fire"
5"The Great Race"November 26, 2005 (2005-11-26)

At the time when the Danger Rangers are preparing for their appearance at the Monster Truck Relee, Worley the Weasel and his friends hold a secret jogging race for the prize of the mini-monster truck. The Danger Rangers arrive to teach pedestrian safety and thwart Worley's plot.

Songs: "Use That Crosswalk," "Make Sure They See You"
6"Medicine Mix-Up"January 28, 2006 (2006-01-28)

In Paris, France, a brilliant scientist named Henri Ennui has a scheme to use a "Rancinator" to stink up the world's candy supply as part of a ransom of $50,000,000.00. This causes kids to seek out things that look like sweets, but are actually medicine which has some of the kids rushed to the hospital. The Danger Rangers head out to intervene in the mix-ups, confiscate the rancid-smelling candy, and defeat Henri Ennui (who turns out to have a history with Kitty) and his "Frinja" henchmen.

Songs: "Don't Touch Them Pills," "Common Sense"
7"Mission 547: Safety Rules"2003 (2003)

The Danger Rangers check on hidden dangers in the home, share bicycle safety rules, and are in charge of travel safety.

Songs: "911," "Danger Rangers Pilot Ending Song"

NOTE: That was the first episode to air on television and is considered the show's pilot episode.
8"Safe and Sound"March 3, 2006 (2006-03-03)

The Danger Rangers must snap Sully back into reality and save Hollywood from the dangerously loud music of the new rock band The Decibulls which is shaking up the buildings enough to cause hazards. Burt discovers that the CDs by the Decibulls have been made so they can't be turned down by The Decibulls' manager Buck Huckster and bodyguard Knuckles who wants their music to be loud in the musical competition.

Songs: "Protect Your Ears," "It's All Up to Me"
9"Cave Save"July 7, 2006 (2006-07-07)

After hearing tales of old-timer Digger Diaz's mining adventures from Tall Tale Tim (the resident storyteller) in Digger's Gold, New Mexico, four children named Mickey, Kareen, Jose, and Julie decide to do a little mining of their own to look for treasure in a large cave and end up losing their way. The Danger Rangers are off to rescue the missing children and showing them that abandoned homes and dark caves are no place to play. Things get worse when Mickey and Kareen end up in a competition with Tall Tale Tim and Giles to get the gold underneath Digger Diaz's house.

Songs: "Cave Save," "Places Not to Play"
10"Chem Gems"July 14, 2006 (2006-07-14)

When Scotland Yard is investigating who's been putting chemicals on London's streets, they assume it's the local toy-maker Herbert Dinkwell. The Danger Rangers are called in to help prevent dangerous chemical combinations done by unsuspecting children and soon discover that Herbert's assistants Lonnie and Jenkins are responsible for leaving the chemicals on the streets instead of having them taken to the Waste Processing Plant.

Songs: "Poison," "Don't Touch That"
11"Dog Days"July 21, 2006 (2006-07-21)

The dangers of dog bites, how to avoid them, and how to approach dogs safely as the Danger Rangers talk about it at the Dog Safety Demo at the County Fair as Burt makes a mechanical dog named Sparky for the event. Two kids named Alice and Willie Buckster plan to get a dog of their own for the Pooch Parade where they try to get the dog that Willie meets on the way to the school named Rufio. While Burt, Squeaky, and Fallbot continue to perfect the robotic dog Sparky (AKA the Danger Ranger X-700 Canine Demo Unit), Sully and Kitty work with Alice and Willie to find the right dog at Mr. Sherman's Dog Shelter.

Songs: "Don't Startle A Dog," "A Dog Is a Love Sponge"
12"Be Prepared"July 28, 2006 (2006-07-28)

Burble takes the Danger Rangers to the "Be Ready for Anything Jamboree" at the Pine Lake Orphanage (where Burble had grown up during his childhood) run by Mr. and Mrs. Barkster. A boy named Luke and his friend Danny end up in danger when Luke was perfecting wind surfing for Burble until a storm hits.

Songs: "Be Prepared," "Stay Calm"
13"Wet & Wild"August 4, 2006 (2006-08-04)

The Danger Rangers take a cruise ship vacation and discuss water safety while helping a young girl named Alisha overcome her fear of water and helping to calm down the hyperactive Brayski Brothers and their nephew Fran-Teek.

Songs: "You've Got to Think of Everyone Else," "Learn to Swim"
14"Go Games"August 11, 2006 (2006-08-11)

Junior Danger Ranger Talya Mendoza sets out to shoot a movie about the Danger Rangers as they prepare for a bicycle, skateboarding, and rollerblading competition called the Go Games at Rivergrove Skate Park. Burt becomes the director to help out Talya. Meanwhile, Chancy McSpill and his sidekick Duncan plan to use every dirty trick in the book to win the Go Games. It's up to the Danger Rangers to thwart Chancy and Duncan's plot.

Songs: "Wear Your Helmet," "Ride Smart"
15"Kitty's Birthday Surprise"August 18, 2006 (2006-08-18)

In this clip show, the Danger Rangers have a surprise birthday party for Kitty and invite many of the children that she has helped over the years.

Songs: "False Alarms" (from "Fires and Liars") "Keep Yourself Safe" (from "Where the Fun Never Stops"), "Protect Your Ears" (from "Safe and Sound"), "Everybody Be Water Safe" (from "Water Works"), "When You're Coming Down the Slide" (from "Where the Fun Never Stops"), "Places Not To Play" (from "Cave Save"), "Wheels" (from "Wild Wheels"), "Common Sense" (from "Mission 547: Safety Rules" and "Medicine Mix-Up")
16"Fallbot Forget-Me-Not"December 26, 2006 (2006-12-26)

When Fallbot blows a circuit board and loses his memory during a thunderstorm, the Danger Rangers scramble to fix Fallbot's circuit board and reinstall the safety rules he used to know so well before his visit to Hoover Street Elementary School.

Songs: "Don't Touch Them Pills" (from "Medicine Mix-Up"), "Rules of the Road" (from "Wild Wheels"), "Never Mess Around with Fire" (from "Fires and Liars"), "Poison" (from "Chem Gems"), "Use That Crosswalk" (from "The Great Race")


  • Street Smarts
  • Poison Patrol
  • Blazin' Hot
  • Cool By The Pool
  • Free Wheelin'
  • Danger Alert
  • Attack of the Achoos
  • Adventure Island
  • Camping Caper
  • Farmyard Fuss
  • Stormy Seas
  • Hurricane Harbor
  • Bully Battle

Principal voice actorsEdit

  • Charlie Adler - SAVO, Chimpanzee (ep. 1), Police Officer (ep. 2), Kid (ep. 3), Gopher Dad (ep. 4), Frinja #3 (ep. 6), Worker #1 (ep. 6), Record Executive (ep. 8), Herbert Dinkwell (ep. 10)
  • Grey DeLisle - Kitty the Cat, Penguin (ep. 1), Lil (ep. 1), Kate (ep. 2), Child (ep. 3), Kwan (ep. 3), Mom (ep. 3), Fabiola (ep. 4, 15), Badger Kid (ep. 5), Jack (ep. 6), Mrs. Hopper (ep. 7), Mateo (ep. 8), Bobby (ep. 9), Queen of England (ep. 10), Jackie (ep. 11), Jodie (ep. 14), Teacher (ep. 14)
  • Mark Hamill - Burt the Turtle, Lobster Theodore (ep. 1), Carl the Electrical Worker (ep. 3), Driver (ep. 5), Mayor of Digger's Gold (ep. 9), Butler (ep. 10)
  • Jerry Houser - Sully the Sea Lion, Police Officer (ep. 3), Audience Guy #1 (ep. 5), Decibull #3 (ep. 8), Dad (ep. 8), Paramedic (ep. 10)
  • John Kassir - Fallbot, Peter Possum (ep. 1), Fox Dad (ep. 4), Eddie (ep. 5), Frinja #2 (ep. 6), Decibull #2 (ep. 8), Police Officer (ep. 8), Giles (ep. 9), Fire Chief (ep. 10), Beaver Guy (ep. 11), Duncan (ep. 14), Kid #1 (ep. 14)
  • Rob Paulsen - Squeeky the Mouse, Snarf (ep. 2), Quentin V. Manderbill (ep. 3), Firework Announcer (ep. 4), Sparky's Dad (ep. 5), Frinja #1 (ep. 6), Billy Goat (ep. 7), Mr. Curl (ep. 7), Decibull #1 (ep. 8), Inspector Brumell (ep. 10), Mr. Buckster (ep. 11), Luke (ep. 12), Ship Crew Member (ep. 13), Chancy McSpill (ep. 14), Scott (ep. 15)
  • Kevin Michael Richardson - Burble the Polar Bear, Chilli Dog (ep. 2), Judge Maxim (ep. 4), Audience Guy #2 (ep. 5), Frinja #4 (ep. 6), Knuckles (ep. 8), Detective (ep. 10), Lonnie (ep. 10), Announcer (ep. 14)
  • Tasia Valenza - Gabriela the Bird, London Reporter (ep. 1), Raccoon Kid #2 (ep. 1), Firefighter #3 (ep. 4), Ana Gomez (ep. 14)

Additional voicesEdit


Business dealingsEdit

Educational Adventures (the original company behind the show) built distribution through grassroots efforts and pioneered deals with Virgin Atlantic, Safe Kids Worldwide and many others. The assets of the company were eventually lost due to a baseless lawsuit "North Carolina Business Court records show the injunctive relief claims were withdrawn due to lack of factual support" that has resulted in no new programming or original publishing of note since 2008.[2]


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