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Danger Mouse is a British animated television series, which serves as a reboot of the 1981 series of the same name by Brian Cosgrove and Mark Hall. The series is produced by FremantleMedia and Boat Rocker Media with the animation provided by Irish studio Boulder Media. The series premiered on CBBC on 28 September 2015, more than 20 years after the end of the show's original run.[2]

Danger Mouse
Dangermouse title 2015.jpg
Created by
Based onDanger Mouse
by Brian Cosgrove and Mark Hall
Directed by
  • Robert Cullen (2015–17)
  • Aidan McAteer (2018–)
Voices of
Narrated byDave Lamb
Country of originUnited Kingdom
Original language(s)English
No. of series2
No. of episodes99 (list of episodes)
Executive producer(s)
  • Chapman Maddox
  • Bob Higgins
  • Tim Searle
Running time11–22 minutes
Production company(s)
Original networkCBBC
Picture format16:9 1080i
Original release28 September 2015 (2015-09-28) –
Related showsDanger Mouse (original series)
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The series revolves around Danger Mouse, the "world's greatest secret agent", and his hamster sidekick Penfold, who protect the world from a variety of dangers. With help from his boss Colonel K and the genius scientist Professor Squawkencluck, Danger Mouse is equipped to defeat his nemesis, Baron Silas von Greenback.

Within three weeks of the series running, Danger Mouse achieved 2.4 million viewers and became the highest rated show on the CBBC channel.[3]

On 19 May 2016, Danger Mouse was commissioned for a second series[4] and on 4 April 2017, for a third series of 26 episodes.[5]


In 2013, FremantleMedia confirmed to Broadcast that an updated version of the series was being considered,[6][7] and in June 2014 it was announced that a new series consisting of 52 episodes; was being made for broadcast on CBBC in 2015.[8] The series is produced by Boulder Media for Boat Rocker Media, who acquired FremantleMedia's kids and family entertainment business in January 2018.[9]

It is directed by Robert Cullen,[10] with Brian Cosgrove, one of the original creators being a creative consultant.[11] Alexander Armstrong and Kevin Eldon voice Danger Mouse and Penfold, Dave Lamb takes the role of the narrator, whilst Stephen Fry and Ed Gaughan take on the roles of Colonel K and Baron Greenback respectively.[12] Armstrong's Pointless co-host Richard Osman also appears in the series as Professor Strontium Jellyfishowitz.[13] It was also announced that John Oliver would voice Dr Augustus P. Crumhorn IV and Lena Headey would voice new character Jeopardy Mouse.[14] According to Eldon, the animation style is 'much the same as the original'.[15] The series is animated in Toon Boom Harmony, as the animators thought that Flash was too limited.[16]

The series was picked up by Netflix in several countries, including the United States.[17] In August 2019, CBS All Access acquired the US streaming rights to the series, beginning with Season 3.[18]


Main charactersEdit

The main protagonist and titular character, Danger Mouse is the world's greatest secret agent. Supremely confident in his abilities, Danger Mouse is a bit vain, which sometimes leads him to take actions that unnecessarily create risky situations.
A hamster who works as Danger Mouse's assistant. A cowardly type, and very meek, he is often known for shouting "Oh, Crumbs!" when frightened. This version is not as misinterpretive as his original counterpart.
A chinchilla who serves as Danger Mouse and Penfold's boss. In the episode "The Return of Danger K", it is revealed that the Colonel was once an agent himself called Danger K. A running gag is he either forgets Penfold's name or who he is.
A chicken who is chief scientist of the secret service. She gets annoyed with Danger Mouse when he doesn't pay attention to her, uses her inventions without her permission, or breaks/messes with her latest creation, to the point of a love-hate relationship with him. Revealed in "The World Is Full of Stuff" to be Danger Mouse's future wife.
The main antagonist, a criminal mastermind and Danger Mouse's archenemy. Though Greenback was a mainstay of the 1981 series, in the 2015 series, the prefix "von" (which had previously been incorporated briefly in "Chicken Run", an episode of the original series) has been incorporated into his name. He is given a German accent to match.
Greenback's pet fluffy white caterpillar, whose intelligence and cunning is often underestimated.
Greenback's Italian crow sidekick.
As with the original series, The Narrator, an unseen character, frequently breaks the fourth wall, interacting with both the viewer and the other characters and often finds himself in danger from the episode's antagonist.

Recurring charactersEdit

  • Pandaminion (voiced by Ed Gaughan): A panda and Greenback's newest unintelligent minion.
  • Dr. Loo-cifer (née John) (voiced by Kayvan Novak): An advanced robotic toilet gone rogue.
  • "Pink" Dawn Crumhorn/The Princess (voiced by Morwenna Banks): A young spoiled poodle who becomes powerful after her tiara comes into contact with personality-amplifying mind gel. She is later revealed to be the daughter of Doctor Augustus P. Crumhorn IV in "Mousefall".
  • Isambard King Kong Brunel (voiced by Kayvan Novak): A scientist monkey who comes up with impractical inventions. He once created a time machine to replace all useful inventions with his own.
  • Quark (voiced by Ed Gaughan): A money-hungry alien huckster who tries to use DM in get-rich-quick schemes.
  • The Snowman (voiced by Richard Ayoade):[19] An embarrassingly inept living snowman with the ability to freeze things with his left arm and fire explosive carrots from his nose.
  • Count Duckula (voiced by Rasmus Hardiker): A stardom-obsessed vampire duck. This incarnation of the character combines aspects of both his villainous counterpart from the original Danger Mouse series, and his more amicable vegetarian counterpart from his own spin-off series.
  • Baron Silas von Penfold (voiced by Kevin Eldon): An evil version of Penfold from an alternate reality known as the Twystyverse. He is often seen working alongside his enforcer, Sinister Mouse, as that dimension's greatest supervillains.
  • Sinister Mouse (voiced by Alexander Armstrong): The world's greatest Evil Agent and DM's Twin from the Twystyverse.
  • The Queen of Weevils (voiced by Miranda Richardson): An evil beetle witch from Arthurian Legend, who was sealed away inside a gem over a thousand years ago by Merlin before accidentally being released by DM into the modern world.
  • The Queen (voiced by Morwenna Banks): The Queen of the UK. Her depiction as a corgi is a reference to them being kept as pets by the Queen in real life.
  • Jeopardy Mouse (voiced by Lena Headey):[14] The female American equivalent of Danger Mouse. Clad in a slick military jumpsuit and working under orders from General E. Normous Schwartznut, she performs her missions professionally and without fuss-- but has a tendency to be overbearing and take herself too seriously.
  • Doctor Augustus P. Crumhorn IV (voiced by John Oliver): The father of The Princess and the son of Doctor Augustus P. Crumhorn III, he is an ambitious trillionaire Dobermann Pinscher who vows to defeat Danger Mouse in order to make his daughter happy and buy up all the companies in the world.


Series 1 premiered on 28 September 2015 and consisted of 50 episodes.[20][21] Series 2 premiered on 14 June 2017.

Home mediaEdit

Video gamesEdit

In July 2017, it was announced that an official Danger Mouse mobile game was in development by 9th Impact[22] and the game Danger Mouse: The Danger Games was released on iOS App Store and Google Play Store in August 2017. The game is a multiplayer racing battle with card trading.[23] It was nominated for Best Mobile Game at the 2017 Best of Gamescom awards, but lost to Metroid: Samus Returns.[24] It was also nominated for "Best Racing Game" at The Independent Game Developers' Association Awards 2018, but lost to F1 2017.[25][26]

The game was also released for the Nintendo Switch on September 13, 2018.[27]

DVD releasesEdit

The first DVD of the series was released on 2 November 2015. [28] The whole of series 1 has been released across 6 DVDs, with 1 being released in 2015, 2 in 2016 and 3 in 2017. All 2015 episodes have been released for digital download through Amazon and other services.

Region 2
DVD title Series Episode count Total running time Release date(s) Episodes
Danger Mouse: Mission Improbable[28] 1 7 88 mins approx 2 November 2015 "Danger Mouse Begins... Again"
"Planet of the Toilets"
"Danger at C-Level"
"The Other Day the Earth Stood Still"
"Welcome to Danger World"
"Big Head Awakens"
Danger Mouse: Quark Games[29] 9 99 mins approx 15 August 2016 "Quark Games"
"Pink Dawn"
"The World Wide Spider"
"Jeopardy Mouse"
"The Return of Danger K"
"Danger Fan"
"Big Penfold"
"The Unusual Suspects"
"The Inventor Preventor"
Danger Mouse: Merry Christmouse[30] 7 89 mins approx 24 October 2016 "The Snowman Cometh"
"#Sinister Mouse"
"There's No Place Like Greenback"
"Happy Boom Day!"
"Frankensquawk's Monster"
"Escape From Big Head"
"Megahurtz Attacks"
Danger Mouse: The Mouse Awakens[31] 9 105 mins approx 6 February 2017 "The Hamster Effect"
"The Good, the Baaaaa and the Ugly"
"Attack of the Clowns"
"Send in the Clones"
"Hail Hydrant"
"Wicked Leaks"
"Queen of Weevils"
"Masters of the Twystyverse"
Danger Mouse: The Agents Who Saved Summer[32] 10 17 July 2017 "Never Say Clever Again"
"Tomorrow Never Comes"
"Half the World Is Enough"
"Danger Is Forever"
"The Spy Who Came in With a Cold"
"Agent 58"
"Thanks a Minion!"
"High School Inedible"
"Mouse Rise"
Danger Mouse: From Duck to Dawn[33] 8 93 mins approx 18 September 2017 "From Duck to Dawn"
"The Duckula Show"
"Very Important Penfold"
"The Cute Shall Inherit the Earth"
"All 5 It"
"Dream Worrier"
"The Confidence Trick"
"Sir Danger de Mouse"

Stage adaptationEdit

It was announced in December 2016 that there would be a live stage show based on the TV series in 2017. The show is being produced by FremantleMedia who created the series for CBBC and is also produced by Butlins holiday park where it will tour around all three of its parks from Easter 2017 untll January 2018.[34] The show will be titled Robo Mop. The stage show returned in 2018.


Jazwares is the master toy partner, Penguin Books will publish a range of printed books, including story books, official guides, sticker books, novelty books, annuals and electronic titles and D.C. Thomson & Co. have started publishing a monthly magazine (from July 2016) with comic strips, puzzles, fact files, poster and competitions.[35] Marc Silk read Danger Mouse audiobooks, the first one being released on 2 June 2016.[36] A Danger Mouse Scribble Book was also released on 2 June 2016, as well as Sticky Situations! Colouring Book.[37][38]and License to Chill[39]


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