Dana Linn Bailey

Dana Linn Bailey is an American IFBB Pro fitness and figure competitor (physique category). She is the winner of Joe Weider's Olympia in 2013.

Dana Linn Bailey
Personal info
BornReading, Pennsylvania, United States
Height5 ft 4 in (1.63 m)
Weight125 lb (contest)
Professional career
  • Jr. USA Bodybuilding
  • 2011
Best win
  • 2013 Olympia – 1st place
  • 2013
SuccessorJuliana Malacarne


Dana Linn was recruited to play soccer for West Chester University, as a starting defender and help lead her team to NCAA’s and playoffs. When she graduated from college, she made the transition to lifting, along with her then boyfriend Rob Bailey.[1]

She entered her first figure competition in 2006 at the Lehigh Valley Championships and competed in figure up until 2010. She taught Physical Education at Conrad Weiser Middle School in Robesonia Pennsylvania until 2007, when she retired to focus on her career.

In 2010, she decided to participate in the very FIRST Physique show, which was 2011, JR. USA's in Charleston, SC. She won overall, received her IFBB pro card, and became the first women's physique pro in the NPC/IFBB. She is on hiatus from the Olympia competition, focusing on her and her husband's gym.[2]

  • 2011 Jr. USA's – 1st place and Overall
  • 2012 Desert Muscle Classic – 4th place
  • 2012 NY Pro – 16th
  • 2013 Tampa Pro – 2nd place
  • 2013 Dallas Europa – 1st place
  • 2013 Olympia – 1st place
  • 2014 Olympia - 2nd place
  • 2015 Arnold Classic - 2nd place
  • 2015 Public Warhouse gym - open [3]
  • 2015 Co-Owned Flag Nor Fail Apparel, formerly solely owned by Rob Bailey [4]
  • 2015 Competed in American Ninja Warrior[5]
  • 2018 Arnold Classic (powerlifting) - 877 lbs total (397.5 kg) didn't place[6]
  • 2019 Opening of online personal training program, DLB Daily[7]
  • 2019 Brute Showdown Women's edition - 2nd place[8]

Following Dana's hiatus from competing, the Baileys focused on the development of the Warhouse Gym located in Reading, PA. The Warhouse Gym is their commercial gym following the creation of their personal gym known as The Warehouse. The Warehouse gym was an exclusive gym meant only for competitors, this is the reason why the Baileys purchased and created a public gym known as the Warhouse. The Warhouse gym is a state of the art training facility featuring top of the line equipment brands such as Rogue, Nebula, Legend, Prime Steel, Hammer Strength, Cybex, Life Fitness and several custom made pieces. The WHG is open 365 days of the year and host events such as the Veterans Outreach Workout (VOW).[9]

Dana Linn Bailey (DLB), has made countless appearances since competing in events such as the Fit Expo and guest poses at the Flex Lewis Classic. Alongside these guest appearances, DLB has taken up several other competitions like the American Ninja Warrior, has gotten to Nationals and The Arnold Classic for Powerlifting, and lastly participated in the Brute Showdown Women's edition alongside Brooke Ence, Maddy Forberg and Mattie Rogers.

DLB has also gotten more involved in the brand known as Flag Nor Fail, alongside her husband Rob Bailey. Flag Nor Fail apparel has evolved with its owners to cater to more than just the fitness community but to the outdoorsmen community. They have expanded to a larger warehouse since its creation and now ships worldwide to cater large fan base. The Baileys have also created their own supplement brand, Run Everything labs that features products like Enter With Purpose, their preworkout blend, and Destroy The Enemy, their thermogenic supplement. The Baileys have also created merch for all three brands, Flag Nor Fail, Warhouse Gym, and Run Everything labs.

DLB has just launched her newest project known as the DLB Daily, which is an online training program for those who cannot make it to the Warhouse gym. For a monthly payment, her plan provides daily workouts designed for her audience with specializations in different weightlifting sports with a simple generalized meal plan to help her clients reach their fitness goals.

Her net worth as of 2019 is approximately $1 million - $5 million. [10]REL PRO ATHLETES


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