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The Dan River flows 214 miles (344 km)[5] in the U.S. states of North Carolina and Virginia. It rises in Patrick County, Virginia, and crosses the state border into Stokes County, North Carolina. It then flows into Rockingham County. From there it goes back into Virginia. It reenters North Carolina near the border between Caswell County and Rockingham County. It flows into northern Caswell County and then back into southern Virginia and finally into Kerr Reservoir on the Roanoke River.

Dan River
Tributary to Roanoke River
Dan River Danville Virginia.JPG
View of the Dan River, Danville, Virginia
Dan River is located in Virginia
Dan River
Location of the mouth of Dan River
CountryUnited States
North Carolina
Counties (Virginia)Floyd
Counties (North Carolina)Caswell
Physical characteristics
Sourcedivide between Dan River, Smith River and New River
 ⁃ locationabout 2 miles northeast of Rock Castle Gap[2]
 ⁃ coordinates36°46′41″N 080°21′54″W / 36.77806°N 80.36500°W / 36.77806; -80.36500[1]
 ⁃ elevation3,170 ft (970 m)
MouthJohn H. Kerr Reservoir (Roanoke River)
 ⁃ location
Stanton River State Park
 ⁃ coordinates
36°39′22″N 078°35′55″W / 36.65611°N 78.59861°W / 36.65611; -78.59861Coordinates: 36°39′22″N 078°35′55″W / 36.65611°N 78.59861°W / 36.65611; -78.59861[1]
 ⁃ elevation
300 ft (91 m)
Length214 mi (344 km)[3]
Basin size3,300 square miles (8,500 km2)[3]
 ⁃ locationStanton River State Park (John H. Kerr Reservoir)
 ⁃ average4,136.06 cu ft/s (117.120 m3/s) at John H. Kerr Reservoir[4]
Basin features
Progressiongenerally east
River systemRoanoke River
 ⁃ leftIvy Creek
Roaring Creek
Coxes Branch
Lickskillet Branch
Little Dan River
Peters Creek
Bonds Branch
Newman Branch
Seven Island Creek
Snow Creek
Blackies Branch
Reed Creek
Beaver Island Creek
Mayo River
Buffalo Creek
Matrimony Creek
Smith River
Covenant Branch
Cascade Creek
Trotters Creek
Childress Creek
Sandy River
Fall Creek
Barkers Branch
Hances Branch
Coy Creek
Cane Creek
Mineral Springs Branch
Sandy Creek
Wolfe Creek
Barker Creek
Double Creek
Byrds Branch
Toby Creek,br />Little Toby Creek
Birch Creek
Miry Creek
Pond Branch
Poplar Creek
Reedy Creek
Banister River
Peter Creek
 ⁃ rightQuaker Field Branch
Toggle Creek
Mill Creek
Round Meadow
Squall Creek
Squirrel Creek
Fall Creek
Big Branch
Big Creek
Double Creek
Cascade Creek
Indian Creek
Scott Branch
Town Fork Creek
Belews Creek
Hogans Creek
Jacobs Creek
Massy Creek
Roach Creek
Fishing Creek
Town Creek
Rock Creek
White Oak Creek
Williamson Creek
Wolf Island Creek
Jackson Branch
Pumpkin Creek
Hogans Creek
Moon Creek
Rattlesnake Creek
Little Rattlesnake Creek
Country Line Creek
Winns Creek
Powells Creek
Chalmers Creek
Locust Creek
Lawsons Creek
Perrin Creek
Grassy Creek
Hyco River
Aarons Creek
WaterbodiesCockrum Millpond
John H. Kerr Reservoir

The name of the river was first recorded by William Byrd II in 1728, during an expedition to survey the Virginia border, though Byrd did not explain the reason for the name.[6] A variant name is "South Branch Roanoke River".[7]

In 2014, in an event called the 2014 Dan River coal ash spill a large amount of coal ash spilled into the river, prompting a cleanup process costing an estimated $300 million.[8]

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