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Damascus Time (Persian: به وقت شام‎) is a 2018 drama movie by Ebrahim Hatamikia, Iranian director.[2] The movie is about an Iranian pilot and his son as copilot, whose plane is seized by ISIS forces in Syria while carrying a cargo of humanitarian relief supplies to people in a war zone.[3]

Damascus Time
Damascus Time movie poster-2.jpg
Directed byEbrahim Hatamikia
Produced byMohammed Khazai[1]
Written byEbrahim Hatamikia
StarringHadi Hejazifar
Babak Hamidian
Khaled El Sayed
Pierre Dagher
Laleh Marzban
Lath El Mofty
Music byKaren Homayounfar
CinematographyFilmiran Film Company Production
Edited byMehrdad kHoshbakht
Release date
  • February 11, 2018 (2018-02-11) (Fajr)
Running time
109 min
CountryIran Iran

Hadi Hejazifar, Babak Hamidian and a number of Syrian, Iraqi and Lebanese actors star in Hatamikia's Damascus Time.[4]



Ali and Younes, play father and son pilots trying to rescue civilians besieged and attacked by ISIS forces in eastern Syria. The pilots have come to help the townspeople escape in an aging Ilyushin cargo plane.


Ebrahim Hatamikia was co-awarded the Crystal Simorgh for best director for directing "At Damascus Time".[5] Mohammad-Ali Jafari, IRGC Chief-Commander, congratulated Hatamikia on receiving the Award.[6] The movie won two other Crystal Simorghs for Best Composer, Best Sound Effect and holds the record of being nominated in eight categories.[7]


Mohammad Javad Zarif, Iranian Minister of Foreign Affairs,[8][9] and Iran’s Quds force commander, Qasem Soleimani described the movie as unique "masterpiece."

Hejazifar, acting the role of an Iranian pilot in the Damascus Time, said that he was not satisfied with his performance in the movie.[3] According to reports, later destinations of the film will be South Korea, Japan, Iraq and Lebanon.


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