Dalibor Talajić

Dalibor Talajić is a Croatian comic book artist. He is most famous for his work for the Marvel Comics publishing house. He gained international acclaim and commercial success working on the Deadpool Kills the Marvel Universe series in 2012. In 2016, in collaboration with ABC News, Talajić created Madaya Mom, where he illustrated the siege of Madaya based on messages ABC reporters received from within the city.

Dalibor Talajić
Born9 July 1972
Sarajevo, SR Bosnia and Herzegovina
Area(s)Penciller, inker and colorist
Notable works
Deadpool Kills the Marvel Universe, Deadpool Kills the Marvel Universe Again,Madaya Mom
CollaboratorsGoran Sudžuka, Cullen Bunn, Miroslav Mrva
RelativesLjiljana Molnar-Talajić (Yugoslav opera singer)


Dalibor Talajić was born in Sarajevo, SR Bosnia and Herzegovina. In 1975, his family moved to Zagreb. While in secondary school, he attended the Vatroslav Lisinski music school where he studied the clarinet. After finishing his secondary education, he studied music arts at the Music Academy in Zagreb.[1][2] While at the Academy, he applied at the Academy of Fine Arts in Zagreb for two consecutive years but was not accepted. Talajić graduated from the Music Academy in 1994 and taught the clarinet at the Zlatko Baloković music school for the following eleven years.[3] His work has been published in several Croatian magazines including the Zagreb fanzine Endem,[4] where he still remains a regularly presented author.[5]

Talajić entered the US comics market in 2005 and since 2009 has been working almost exclusively for Marvel. His most celebrated work for the publisher is the four-issue series Deadpool Kills the Marvel Universe (2012), which was followed by Deadpool Kills the Marvel Universe Again (2017).


Interior comic work includes:

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