The Daidō Club (Japanese: 大同倶楽部, lit. Like-Minded Thinkers' Club) was a political party in Japan.



The party was established in December 1905 as a merger of the Kōshin Club (27 MPs), the Liberal Party (19 MPs) and Teikokutō (18 MPs).[1] The party gradually lost MPs through defections,[1] and won only 29 seats in the 1908 elections. Defections continued after the elections, and the party was down to 22 MPs by 1910.[1]

After an abortive attempt to form a new anti-Rikken Seiyūkai party in July 1908, the party merged with other anti-Rikken Seiyūkai factions in March 1910 to form the Chūō Club.[1]


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