Dafydd ap Gwilym Society

The Dafydd ap Gwilym Society is the Welsh society at the University of Oxford.[1] It is a Welsh language society, as opposed to a society of Welsh people like its sister-society in Cambridge, the Mabinogi Society [cy].

Dafydd ap Gwilym Society, National Eisteddfod, Denbigh 1939
Front row (left to right) G. O. Williams, T.I. Ellis, P. Macaulay Owen, Evan J. Jones, Hywel Davies, Jeremiah Williams, B. B. Thomas, J. Lloyd-Jones, T. J. Rowlands, G. A. Edwards, D. J. Lewis, C. Wynne Griffith, J. Williams-Hughes, Griffith Rees, T. J. Jones
Second row (right to left): J. Edwards, R. H. Evans, D. J. Davies, J. H. Williams, R. I. Aaron, D. M. Jones, E. Pryce Jones, Dewi W. Powell, H. V. Morris-Jones, H. Williams, M. Elis-Williams, A. Tudno Williams, J. H. Griffith
Back row (left to right): Llewelyn Jones, D. J. Williams, T. Meurig Wynne, H. Winter Jones, D. J. Samuel, E. Goronwy Owen, M. Hughes-Thomas, J. E. Davies, H. D. Lewis, G. R. Evans, I. Oswy Davies


The society was established in 1886, making it the oldest society in Oxford after the Union. It is known by its members as "Y Dafydd". In the 1990s, several of the society's magazine editions (Yr Aradr), feature articles on the creative work of its members, as well as some of its guest speakers.

Among its founding members were O. M. Edwards and John Morris-Jones. The society began accepting female members in the academic year 1966–1967.


The society is named after the poet Dafydd ap Gwilym, and it was the tradition for every meeting to begin with a reading of his work by the Chaplain, followed by discussion.

The Society had some formal rituals and prestigious-sounding positions, though they were intended to be ironic. Today the chairman keeps the title of Chaplain, and the prestigious job of Headquarters remains.

It is traditional for members and alumni of the society to meet annually at the National Eisteddfod.

Caplaniaid of Y DafyddEdit

Year Caplan
2021/22 Daniel Rolles (Jesus College)
2020/21 Carys Bill (St Anne's College)
2019/20 Adam Wilkinson-Hill (Jesus College)
2018/19 Osian Prys Elis (Jesus College)
2017/18 Lois Llywelyn Williams (Jesus College)
2016/17 Elin Havard (Jesus College)
2015/16 Llewelyn Rhys Hopwood (Jesus College)
2014/15 Benjamin Sadler (Jesus College)
2013/14 Cai Wilshaw (St Anne's College)
2012/13 Carwyn Graves (Worcester College)
2011/12 Laura Davies (Jesus College)
2010/11 Tomos David (Jesus College)
2009/10 Emrys Evans (New College)
2008/09 Dafydd Green (Pembroke College)
2007/08 Delyth Jewell (St. Hugh's College)
2006/07 Rhys Ab Owen (Regent's Park College)
2005/06 Manon Mathias (Trinity College)


Some former-Fellows of the University who have served, or now serve as honorary presidents of the society:

Alumni of the SocietyEdit


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