Daewoo Engineering & Construction (Hangul: 대우건설 Hanja: 大宇建設, KRX: 047040) is a Korean construction company founded and established in 1973, headquartered in Seoul, South Korea. The previous company name was Daewoo Construction Co, Ltd. Its main constructions in Korea include Wolseong Nuclear Power Plant, Nurimaru, Busan-Geoje Fixed Link. Its major constructions abroad consist of the Swani Hospital Project, Menara Telekom Tower and the Houay Ho Dam in Laos.

Daewoo E&C
Revised RomanizationDaeu Geonseol
McCune–ReischauerTaeu Kŏnsŏl

Business and major projectsEdit

Daewoo Engineering & Construction branches into major categories of construction.

  • Oil and gas: Escravos GTL, NLNG Train Six Bonny Island, Algeria Oman Fertilizer Project, Arzew GNL 3Z Project
  • Power: Sur Independent Power Plant, Jorf Lasfar 5&6 Coal-fired Power Plant, Benghazi North Combined Cycle Power Plant, Ulsan Power Plant Extension Project, Hadong Thermal Power Plant No. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6
  • Nuclear: Wolsong Nuclear Powerplant Unit 3 & 4, Jordan Research and Training Reactor
  • Industrial: Gwangyang Steel Plant, Phase 4, Bio-Manufacturing Facility Project, 500 T/D Kraft Paper Plant
  • Environment: Jungdong Municipal Waste Incineration Plant, Daejangdong Municipal Waste Incineration Plant, Sanbuk Municipal Waste Incineration Plant
  • Transportation: Palau Compact Road Project, Palau Compact Road, Pusan~Keoje Fixed Link Private Participation Project
  • Harbor/Dam: Extension Works for Djen Djen Port Protection, Nakilat Ship Repair Yard, Duqm Ship Repair Yard
  • Building: Malaysia KLCC Tower, Jeju Convention Center, National Central Museum
  • Housing: Hanoi New Town Development / Vietnam, Boughzoul New Town Development PJ / Algeria

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