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Dādestān ī Dēnīg (IPA: [daːdestaːn iː deːniːɡ] "Religious Judgments") or Pursišn-Nāmag (IPA: [puɾsiʃnaːmaɡ] "Book of Questions") is a 9th-century Middle Persian work written by Manushchihr (Manūščihr), who was high priest of the Persian Zoroastrian community of Pārs and Kermān, son of Gušn-Jam and brother of Zadspram. The work consists of an introduction and ninety-two questions along with Manūščihr's answers. His questions varies from religious to social, ethical, legal, philosophical, cosmological, etc. The style of his work is abstruse, dense, and is heavily influenced by New Persian.[1]


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