Dabeigou Formation

The Dabeigou Formation is a palaeontological formation located in China. It dates from the mid Valanginian to Hauterivian age of the Cretaceous period. Approximately 135-130 ma.[1]

Dabeigou Formation
Stratigraphic range:
Mid Valanginian to mid Hauterivian
~135–130 Ma
TypeGeological formation
Unit ofJehol Biota
Sub-unitsNumbered Members
UnderliesDadianzi Formation, Yixian Formation
OverliesZhangjiakou Formation
ThicknessVaries, in Yushuxia section 220 metres (720 ft)
PrimarySandstone, Mudstone
OtherTuffite, Conglomerate, Siltstone
Country China

Fossils include the confuciusornithiform bird Eoconfuciusornis. As of 2016[verification needed] this is the oldest bird with a toothless beak known, but it belongs to a very ancestral avian lineage not closely related to living birds.

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