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DHSC is a football club in the Ondiep district of Utrecht, Netherlands. The club plays in the 2022-23 Vierde Divisie.

DOS Holland Stichtse Boys Combinatie.png
Full nameDOS Holland Stichtse Boys Combinatie
Founded1 July 2007
GroundSportpark Wesley Sneijder, Utrecht
LeagueVierde Divisie (2022–23)
WebsiteClub website


VV DOS (1901–2004)Edit

The players of VV DOS before playing 2–2 against AFC Ajax
Full nameVoetbalvereniging Door Oefening Sterk
GroundGalgenwaard, Utrecht

Voetbalvereniging Door Oefening Sterk, in short VV DOS, was established in 1901. The club won the national championship in 1958. In 1970 its professional branch merged with Velox and USV Elinkwijk to form FC Utrecht. The amateur section continued until 2004 when it merged with USV Holland to form DHC '04.

USV Holland (1917–2004)Edit

USV Holland, short for Utrechtse Sportvereniging Holland, was founded on 3 December 1917. They played at the Sportpark Thorbecke, Utrecht. From 1992 to 2000 the club played in the Hoofdklasse, at that time the highest amateur league. In 1993 and 1995 it became Sunday amateur champions.[1]

Its last year in the Hoofdklasse started a period of "free fall". USV Holland relegated 4 seasons in a row to end up in the Vierde Klasse.

DHC '04 (2004–2007)Edit

On 1 July 2004, USV Holland merged with the amateur section of VV DOS to become DHC '04.

DHSC (since 2007)Edit

An additional merger with Stichtse Boys in 2007 formed the DOS-Holland-Stichtse Boys-Combinatie (DHCS).[2] The sites of USV Holland and DOS bordered each other on Thorbeckelaan. After the merger in 2007, both sites were demolished and a new Sportpark Thorbeckelaan was constructed for DHSC in the Ondiep district. This stadium has now been renamed Sportpark Wesley Sneijder, named after Wesley Sneijder, who grew up in Ondiep and played football at DOS.[3]

In 2020, DHSC surprised by signing former professional players Mounir El Hamdaoui and Robert Guerain.[4]




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