DN2 (Romanian: Drumul Național 2) is a national road in Romania which links Bucharest with the historical regions of Moldavia and Bukovina in north-east Romania. Recently upgraded, it is today one of the best-maintained roads in the country. The main cities linked by the DN2 are: Bucharest, Buzău, Focșani, Bacău, Roman, and Suceava.[1]

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National Road 2
Drumul Național 2
Route information
Maintained by Compania Națională de Administrare a Infrastructurii Rutiere
Length446 km (277 mi)
Major junctions
ToSiret (Ukrainian border)
Major citiesBucharest, Buzău, Focșani, Bacău, Roman, Suceava
Highway system
National roads in Romania

Along the first 350 km from Bucharest to Săbăoani, near Roman the road has two lanes with one narrow emergency lane and reconstructed bridges. The road continues to Siret, at the Ukrainian border as a simple two-lanes road. Together with the adjacent section of DN28, Săbăoani – Iași, part of E583, the DN2 is currently Moldavia's backbone.[citation needed]

The DN2 is also considered Romania's most dangerous trunk road. The road has high accident rates, and the Bucharest-Săbăoani section is the most affected, due to drivers improperly using the emergency lanes. This has prompted the CNAIR (formerly CNADNR, the Romanian National Road Company) to upgrade a segment to a 2+1 road near the Sinești forest, the first 2+1 road in Romania.

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