DEGAS (D.E.G.A.S., Design & Entertainment Graphic Arts System) is a bitmap graphics editor created by Tom Hudson for the Atari ST and published by Batteries Included in 1985.[1] Hudson created some of the sample paintings that shipped with DEGAS.[2]

Original author(s)Tom Hudson
Developer(s)Batteries Included
Operating systemAtari ST
TypeBitmap graphics editor


The working title of DEGAS was HUDraw,[2] where "HUD" stood for "Hudson."

Gary Yost of Antic Software wanted to publish DEGAS, but Hudson chose Batteries Included because "they were, in my opinion, the best Atari software company at the time."[2] Yost and Antic Software published Hudson's next program, CAD 3D.

File formats[3]Edit

Extension Resolution Colours Type
*.pc1 320×200 16 colours compressed
*.pc2 640×200 4 colours compressed
*.pc3 640×400 2 colours compressed
*.pi1 320×200 16 colours uncompressed
*.pi2 640×200 4 colours uncompressed
*.pi3 640×400 2 colours uncompressed


DEGAS Elite v1.1, lo-res menu

Antic magazine published winners of an art competition for those using the software in July 1986.[4]

DEGAS was followed in 1986 with DEGAS Elite.[5][6] It adds multiple work screens, color-cycling animation, and other features.[7]

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