The DAF SB220 was a full-size single-decker bus chassis produced by DAF Bus International from 1985.[1] Initially only built in left hand drive, in 1988 a right hand drive version was launched for the United Kingdom market.[2] An articulated version was also manufactured.[3]

DAF SB220 number 734 in on line 162 in Giulesti, Bucharest.jpg
RATB DAF SB220 in Bucharest, Romania
Production1985 -
AssemblyEindhoven, Netherlands
Body and chassis
Doors1 or 2
Floor typeStep entrance
Low floor
Low entry
EngineDAF GS160M
Power output218 horsepower
TransmissionZF Ecomat 4HP500
Length11.3m or 12.0m
SuccessorDAF/VDL SB200
Arriva Netherlands Berkhof bodied SB220 in May 2000
SMRT Buses Alexander Setanta bodied step entrance SB220LT in Singapore in July 2006
Arriva North West Plaxton Prestige bodied SB220 in Liverpool in July 2007
First Chester & The Wirral Ikarus bodied SB220 in Rock Ferry in August 2007

It was superseded by the DAF/VDL SB200 and SB250.



Makes and models of bodywork were fitted to the SB220 full-size single-decker bus chassis include the following:

United Kingdom (step entrance)Edit

United Kingdom (low floor/low entry)Edit

Ireland (step entrance)Edit

Netherlands (step entrance)Edit

Portugal (step entrance)Edit

  • CAMO Camus
  • CAMO Cronus (Only 2 units of the "standard" version of this bodywork were produced, and both used the SB220 chassis)
  • Marcopolo Allegro

Spain (step entrance)Edit

Singapore (step entrance)Edit

Romania (step entrance)Edit

  • DAF SB 220-Castrosua (RATB Bucharest)
  • DAF SB 220-Elvo (RATB Bucharest)
  • DAF SB 220-Hispano Carocera (RATB Bucharest)


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