Dōkyūsei (同級生, lit. classmates) is the first game in the popular Dōkyūsei series of eroge dating sims by ELF Corporation. The original Dōkyūsei (also called Nanpa, meaning pick-up, due to its batch file name "nanba.bat"), released in 1992.

Dōkyūsei game cover.jpg
Cover art from the original Dōkyūsei game released in 1992
GenreErotic, romance, slice of life
PublisherELF Corporation
GenreVisual novel, Dating sim
PlatformDOS, Windows, PC Engine and Sega Saturn
  • JP: December 17, 1992 DOS, X68k, TOWNS
  • JP: November 23, 1995 PCE
  • JP: August 9, 1996 SAT
  • JP: August 27, 1999 WIN
  • JP: March 1, 2007 WW
PublisherELF Corporation
GenreVisual novel
PlatformGame Boy Color
Original video animation
End of Summer
Directed byKinji Yoshimoto
Written bySukehiro Tomita
StudioPink Pineapple, Triple X
Released July 8, 1994 May 12, 1995
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There was an OVA series made from Dōkyūsei, which was originally a 45-minute one-shot, but the original release was expanded into two half-hour episodes, with two more episodes added, for a total four. The first two episodes were released as End of Summer, and episodes three and four were released as End of Summer 2 in the North American market by SoftCel Pictures, an imprint of ADV Films. A two-episode sequel, titled Dōkyūsei Climax Files, was also released.

End of Summer is about a boy who seeks after a redheaded girl named Mai and along the way runs into difficulties (and trysts) with several other girls, namely, Kurumi, Miho, Misa, and Satomi. It was renowned for its romantic attributes[1] and quality of animation.[2] The depth of character development has been reviewed as being above average, although the format forced on it by OVA requires some compromises with realism.[3] The film has some classical music.

Game systemEdit

The gameplay in Dōkyūsei revolves around wandering through different locations in a town, conversing with whatever character you happen to meet. To finish with a girl, the main challenge is to learn the times of day when the girl will be in a location.


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