Derendorf is a borough of Düsseldorf, Germany. It is located north of Pempelfort and the central district, west of Rath, south of Kaiserswerth.

map of Düsseldorf, showing Derendorf (in red) within District 1 (in pink)

Derendorf has an area of 3.34 km2. By 2006, 18.325 people live there. The median age is about 43 years.

Derendorf was mentioned as a settlement first time in 1100. In 1384 Derendorf became a part of Düsseldorf. There has been a slaughterhouse in Derendorf since 1602. The main growth of Derendorf was in the time of Industrial Revolution.

Derendorf is traditionally an industrial area of Düsseldorf, inhabited mostly by a working-class population. The steelworks of Rheinmetall, the slaughterhouse and the brewery Schlösser are located here .

Many inhabitants of Derendorf are immigrants from Turkey, and the borough houses the central mosque of the Muslims in Düsseldorf.

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Coordinates: 51°14′38″N 6°47′33″E / 51.24389°N 6.79250°E / 51.24389; 6.79250