Czerweny Electrónica

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Tadeo Czerweny S.A.[1][2][3] is an Argentinian manufacturer of transformers and other high-power electrical equipment founded by Tadeo Czerweny in 1958.[2]

Czerweny Electrónica
IndustryHome Computer
Founded1985 (1985)
Defunct1986 (1986)
OwnersTadeo Czerweny S.A.

In 1985 they entered microcomputer field as Czerweny Electrónica, by marketing three rebranded Timex Sinclair models assembled in Argentina:[4][5] the CZ 1000[6][7][8], CZ 1500[9][10][8] and CZ 2000.[11]

These machines had their hardware supplied by Timex Portugal, the portuguese branch of Timex Sinclair.[5] Since Czerweny computers used Timex Sinclair chips and ROMs, their compatibility was close to 100% relative to the original Sinclair machines.[8] They also look similar to the original Timex models. The CZ 1000 was a relabeled Timex Sinclair 1000, the CZ 1500 was similar to the Timex Sinclair 1500 and the CZ 2000[12] is a Spectrum compatible in a Timex Sinclair 1500 case.[8]

Afterwards, imported components were replaced with locally produced variants, and extra modifications were added, like a joystick port, composite monitor output and a restart button.[5] This gave origin to new models, released in 1986 with original Czerweny cases: CZ 1000 Plus,[13][14][8][3] CZ 1500 Plus[15][8], CZ Spectrum[16][17] and CZ Spectrum Plus.[18][19] About 4000 machines were produced each month.[5] Czerweny models competed in Argentina with the Brazilian TK 83, 85, 90x and genuine Sinclair machines, but were more successful.

The Paraná, Entre Rios province factory was destroyed by a fire in 1986, eventually ending Czerweny computer production.[5]

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