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Altiphylax stoliczkai, also known as the frontier bow-fingered gecko, Baltistan gecko, or Karakorum gecko is a species of lizard in the family Gekkonidae. The species is endemic to South Asia.

Altiphylax stoliczkai
Scientific classification edit
Kingdom: Animalia
Phylum: Chordata
Class: Reptilia
Order: Squamata
Family: Gekkonidae
Genus: Altiphylax
A. stoliczkai
Binomial name
Altiphylax stoliczkai
(Steindachner, 1867)
Cyrtopodion stoliczkai distribution.png
  • Gymnodactylus stoliczkai
    Steindachner, 1867
  • Cyrtodactylus stoliczkai
    Underwood, 1954
  • Tenuidactylus stoliczkai
    Szczerbak & Golubev, 1984
  • Gonydactylus stoliczkai
    Kluge, 1991
  • Mesiodactylus stoliczkai
    M.S. Khan, 2000
  • Cyrtopodion stoliczkai
    H. Rösler, 2000
  • Altigecko stoliczkai
    — M.S. Khan, 2003
  • Altiphylax stoliczkai
    Sindaco & Jeremčenko, 2008


The specific name, stoliczkai, is in honor of Moravian zoologist Ferdinand Stoliczka.[2]

Geographic rangeEdit

It is found in India (Kashmir, Karoo/Dras, Ladakh) and western China.[3] The type locality given by Steindachner is "bei Karoo, nördlich von Dras, Kashmir ".[3]


Most authorities, most recently Bauer et al. 2013, now consider the Böhme's mountain gecko to be a subspecies of this species.[4]


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Further readingEdit

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