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Cycling at the 2004 Summer Olympics – Men's Madison

The men's Madison in cycling at the 2004 Summer Olympics was contested by 18 cyclists. The Madison race consisted of 200 laps of the track, or 50 kilometres. It was a two-person team event, with a tag-team format used to allow one cyclist to rest while his teammate raced.


  Gold   Silver   Bronze
  Graeme Brown
and Stuart O'Grady (AUS)
  Franco Marvulli
and Bruno Risi (SUI)
  Rob Hayles
and Bradley Wiggins (GBR)


The Australian team of Stuart O'Grady and Graeme Brown rode consistently to achieve points in seven of the 10 sprints for a total of 22 points and the gold medal. The Swiss team of Franco Marvulli and Bruno Risi finished strongly winning the last three sprints for 15 points and the silver medal. British team of Rob Hayles and Bradley Wiggins achieved 12 points for the bronze medal, despite being in a fall mid-race.

Final results[1]
Rank Nation Cyclist 1 Cyclist 2 Laps Points
1   Australia Graeme Brown Stuart O'Grady 22
2    Switzerland Franco Marvulli Bruno Risi 15
3   United Kingdom Rob Hayles Bradley Wiggins 12
4   Germany Robert Bartko Guido Fulst 9
5   Ukraine Volodymyr Rybin Vasyl Yakovlev 9
6   Spain Miguel Alzamora Joan Llaneras 7
7   New Zealand Greg Henderson Hayden Roulston 2
8   Austria Roland Garber Franz Stocher -1 8
9   Argentina Juan Curuchet Walter Pérez -1 5
10   Uruguay Tomás Margalef Milton Wynants -1 3
11   Belgium Matthew Gilmore Iljo Keisse -1 3
12   Kazakhstan Ilya Chernyshov Yuriy Yuda -1 2
13   Czech Republic Milan Kadlec Petr Lazar -1 2
14   Netherlands Robert Slippens Danny Stam -1 2
15   Slovakia Martin Liska Jozef Zabka -2 5
16   Colombia Leonardo Duque José Rodolfo Serpa -2 3
17   Russia Oleg Grishkin Alexey Shmidt -2 2
DNF   France Jérôme Neuville Mathieu Ladagnous