Cycling at the 1968 Summer Olympics – Men's individual road race

The men's individual road race was a road bicycle racing event held as part of the Cycling at the 1968 Summer Olympics programme. 144 cyclists from 44 nations took part. The maximum number of cyclists per nation was four. It was held on 23 October 1968. The course, just short of 25 kilometres, was covered 8 times for a total distance of 196.2 kilometres.[1] The event was won by Pierfranco Vianelli of Italy, the nation's second consecutive victory in the men's individual road race (putting Italy over France in most gold medals, three to two). It was the fourth consecutive Games that an Italian cyclist finished first or second. Leif Mortensen's silver was Denmark's second consecutive silver medal in the event. Gösta Pettersson earned Sweden's first medal in the event with his bronze.

Men's cycling road race
at the Games of the XIX Olympiad
Leif Mortensen, Pierfranco Vianelli, Gösta Pettersson 1968.jpg
The medalists: Leif Mortensen, Pierfranco Vianelli, and Gösta Pettersson
VenueMexico City, Mexico
Date23 October 1968
Competitors144 from 44 nations
Winning time4:41:25
1st place, gold medalist(s) Pierfranco Vianelli
2nd place, silver medalist(s) Leif Mortensen
3rd place, bronze medalist(s) Gösta Pettersson
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This was the eighth appearance of the event, previously held in 1896 and then at every Summer Olympics since 1936. It replaced the individual time trial event that had been held from 1912 to 1932 (and which would be reintroduced alongside the road race in 1996). There "was no heavy favorite as the last three World Championships had seen nine different riders on the podium."[2]

Barbados, Costa Rica, Cuba, the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Ecuador, El Salvador, Guatemala, Lebanon, and Madagascar each made their debut in the men's individual road race; West Germany competed separately for the first time. Great Britain made its eighth appearance in the event, the only nation to have competed in each appearance to date.

Competition format and courseEdit

The mass-start race was on a course that covered eight laps of a 24.525 kilometres circuit, for a total of 196.2 kilometres. It was a "quite hilly" course.[3]


All times are Central Standard Time (UTC-6)

Date Time Round
Wednesday, 23 October 1968 9:00 Final


Rank Cyclist Nation Time
  Pierfranco Vianelli   Italy 4:41:25
  Leif Mortensen   Denmark 4:42:49
  Gösta Pettersson   Sweden 4:43:15
4 Stéphan Abrahamian   France 4:43:36
5 René Pijnen   Netherlands 4:43:36
6 Jean-Pierre Monseré   Belgium 4:43:51
7 Tomas Pettersson   Sweden 4:43:58
8 Giovanni Bramucci   Italy 4:43:58
9 Martín Rodríguez   Colombia 4:43:58
10 Marian Kegel   Poland 4:44:00
11 Jan Krekels   Netherlands 4:44:09
12 Burkhard Ebert   West Germany 4:44:10
13 Thorleif Andresen   Norway 4:44:10
14 Tore Milsett   Norway 4:44:12
15 Álvaro Pachón   Colombia 4:44:13
16 José Gómez   Spain 4:44:13
17 Valery Yardy   Soviet Union 4:44:15
18 Roger De Vlaeminck   Belgium 4:44:24
19 André Dierickx   Belgium 4:45:32
20 Alain Vasseur   France 4:45:36
21 Imre Géra   Hungary 4:45:57
22 Saturnino Rustrián   Guatemala 4:46:13
23 Jan Smolík   Czechoslovakia 4:46:30
24 Harrie Jansen   Netherlands 4:46:30
25 Cvitko Bilić   Yugoslavia 4:46:31
26 Ole Højlund Pedersen   Denmark 4:46:31
27 Agustín Juárez   Mexico 4:46:32
28 Luis Zubero   Spain 4:46:34
29 Jørgen Emil Hansen   Denmark 4:46:34
30 Pedro Sánchez   Colombia 4:46:37
31 Flavio Martini   Italy 4:47:56
32 Yury Dmitriyev   Soviet Union 4:47:57
33 Daniel Ducreux   France 4:47:57
34 Dave Rollinson   Great Britain 4:47:58
35 Erik Pettersson   Sweden 4:47:58
36 Heriberto Díaz   Mexico 4:47:59
37 Raimo Honkanen   Finland 4:47:59
38 Svend Erik Bjerg   Denmark 4:48:03
39 Rudi Valenčič   Yugoslavia 4:48:03
40 Roberto Breppe   Argentina 4:48:07
41 Ferenc Keserű   Hungary 4:50:30
42 Miguel Lasa   Spain 4:51:05
43 Jesús Sarabia   Mexico 4:51:05
44 John Howard   United States 4:52:45
45 Jürgen Tschan   West Germany 4:52:50
46 Mauno Uusivirta   Finland 4:52:50
47 Jan Erik Gustavsen   Norway 4:54:41
48 Evaristo Oliva   Guatemala 4:57:07
49 Jorge Inés   Guatemala 4:57:07
50 Brian Jolly   Great Britain 4:57:42
51 Curt Söderlund   Sweden 5:01:12
52 Des Thomson   New Zealand 5:02:33
53 Tekeste Woldu   Ethiopia 5:05:12
54 Roger Gilson   Luxembourg 5:05:12
55 Marcel Roy   Canada 5:05:13
56 Ørnulf Andresen   Norway 5:05:17
57 Ole Wackström   Finland 5:05:18
58 András Takács   Hungary 5:05:21
59 Kazimierz Jasiński   Poland 5:08:25
60 Gerard Lettoli   San Marino 5:10:22
61 Enzo Frisoni   San Marino 5:12:46
62 Zygmunt Hanusik   Poland 5:20:59
63 Miguel Ángel Sánchez   Costa Rica 5:20:59
64 Joe Jones   Canada 5:30:13
Juan Alves   Argentina DNF
Héctor Cassina   Argentina DNF
Gerardo Cavallieri   Argentina DNF
Ronald Jonker   Australia DNF
Peter McDermott   Australia DNF
Kevin Morgan   Australia DNF
Donald Wilson   Australia DNF
Colin Forde   Barbados DNF
Kensley Reece   Barbados DNF
Richard Roett   Barbados DNF
Michael Stoute   Barbados DNF
Jozef Schoeters   Belgium DNF
Jules Béland   Canada DNF
Yves Landry   Canada DNF
Jean Barnabé   Democratic Republic of the Congo DNF
Constantin Kabemba   Democratic Republic of the Congo DNF
Samuel Kibamba   Democratic Republic of the Congo DNF
Ignace Mandjambi   Democratic Republic of the Congo DNF
Miguel Samacá   Colombia DNF
José Sánchez   Costa Rica DNF
Humberto Solano   Costa Rica DNF
José Manuel Soto   Costa Rica DNF
Sergio Martínez   Cuba DNF
Roberto Menéndez   Cuba DNF
Ulises Váldez   Cuba DNF
Raúl Marcelo Vázquez   Cuba DNF
Noé Medina   Ecuador DNF
Victor Morales   Ecuador DNF
Arnulfo Pozo   Ecuador DNF
Hipólito Pozo   Ecuador DNF
Mauricio Bolaños   El Salvador DNF
Francisco Funes   El Salvador DNF
David Miranda   El Salvador DNF
Juan Molina   El Salvador DNF
Agustín Tamames   Spain DNF
Yemane Negassi   Ethiopia DNF
Mehari Okubamicael   Ethiopia DNF
Mikael Saglimbeni   Ethiopia DNF
Raimo Suikkanen   Finland DNF
Jean-Pierre Paranteau   France DNF
Ortwin Czarnowski   West Germany DNF
Dieter Koslar   West Germany DNF
Billy Bilsland   Great Britain DNF
Les West   Great Britain DNF
Francisco Cuque   Guatemala DNF
Tibor Magyar   Hungary DNF
Peter Doyle   Ireland DNF
Morris Foster   Ireland DNF
Liam Horner   Ireland DNF
George Artin   Iraq DNF
Tino Conti   Italy DNF
Gwon Jung-hyeon   South Korea DNF
Tarek Abou Al Dahab   Lebanon DNF
Solo Razafinarivo   Madagascar DNF
Ng Joo Pong   Malaysia DNF
Johari Ramli   Malaysia DNF
Gabriel Cuéllar   Mexico DNF
Joop Zoetemelk   Netherlands DNF
Bryce Beeston   New Zealand DNF
John Dean   New Zealand DNF
Richie Thomson   New Zealand DNF
Zenon Czechowski   Poland DNF
Emil Rusu   Romania DNF
Bruno Hubschmid   Switzerland DNF
Petr Hladík   Czechoslovakia DNF
Somchai Chantarasamrit   Thailand DNF
Suriyong Hemint   Thailand DNF
Somkuan Seehapant   Thailand DNF
Chainarong Sophonpong   Thailand DNF
Deng Chueng-hwai   Taiwan DNF
Liu Cheng-tao   Taiwan DNF
Shue Ming-shu   Taiwan DNF
Vladislav Nelyubin   Soviet Union DNF
Anatoliy Starkov   Soviet Union DNF
Daniel Butler   United States DNF
David Chauner   United States DNF
Wes Wessberg   United States DNF
Bùi Văn Hoàng   Vietnam DNF
Trương Kim Hùng   Vietnam DNF
Tanasije Kuvalja   Yugoslavia DNF


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