Cycling Australia Hall of Fame

Cycling Australia Hall of Fame was established in 2015. The focus of the Hall of Fame is on athletic performance but also acknowledge administrators, officials and coaches. A ‘Legends of the sport’ category will be introduced three years after 2015.


The inaugural Selection Committee comprised: Peter Bartels (Chair), Kate Bates, Rob Eva, Matthew Keenan, Michael Turtur, John Trevorrow and Anna Wilson

There are two categories:

Athlete - An athlete cannot be considered for inclusion into the Hall of Fame until after a two year period following retirement from competition at the highest level. Athletes must be Australian citizens; achieved at the highest level of competition in their chosen discipline; and have the support of their peers.[1]

General - Administrator, official or coach can be considered for inclusion by providing no less than twenty years of service to the sport; served on Australian teams as a coach or administrator, coached a rider or riders to medal at Olympic Games, Commonwealth Games, World Championships, World Cups, WorldTour races or World Record/s;, made a significant and enduring positive contribution to the development of cycling and its standing in the community; and officiated at Olympic Games, Commonwealth Games, World Championships, World Cups or WorldTour races.[1]


Athlete Year Category
Hubert Opperman 2015 Athlete
Russell Mockridge 2015 Athlete
Edgar ' Dunc' Gray 2015 Athlete
Sid Patterson 2015 Athlete
Phil Anderson 2015 Athlete
Kathy Watt 2015 Athlete
Anna Wilson 2015 Athlete
Robbie McEwen 2015 Athlete
Sara Carrigan 2015 Athlete
Ray Godkin 2015 General
Charlie Walsh 2015 General
Gerry Ryan 2015 General
Ryan Bayley 2016 Athlete
Oenone Wood 2016 Athlete
Iris Dixon (nee Bent) 2016 Athlete
Chris Scott 2016 Athlete
Mary Daubert (nee Grigson) 2016 Athlete
Alf Goullet 2016 Athlete



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