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Cybernetics and Human Knowing: A Journal of Second Order Cybernetics, Autopoiesis & Cyber-Semiotics is a quarterly peer-reviewed academic journal covering autopoiesis, biosemiotics, cognition, complexity, cybersemiotics, hermeneutics, information theory, linguistics, second-order cybernetics, semiotics, and systems theory, among others. The journal was established in 1992 and is published by Imprint Academic with Søren Brier (Copenhagen Business School) as editor-in-chief.

The journal's inception was initially supported by the Danish Academy for Practical Philosophy and the American Society for Cybernetics (ASC) with contributing editors and funding (ASC).[1] The journal usually contains six different sections: the issue editors' foreword, peer-reviewed articles, an expert column, an ASC column,[2] book reviews, and a featured artist artworks. Occasionally the journal dedicates an issue to publish conference proceedings and special topics.


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