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Cyber-Psychos AOD (CPAOD) is a book and magazine publishing venture based in Denver, Colorado, focusing on avant-garde and unusual art, culture, and writings. Founded in 1992 (magazine), and 1995 (CPAOD Books)[1] by Jasmine Sailing, it has released 10 books and 10 issues of the magazine.[2] The magazine's unabbreviated title is Cyber-Psychos And Other Diversities, with a subtitle of "The Magazine of Mental Aberrations".[3]

Type of site
Magazine and Book Publisher
OwnerJasmine Sailing

As stated by Ms. Sailing: "Horror, cyber-tech, science fiction, dark fantasy, surrealism, anything pleasantly insane. Please avoid sending straight-forward genre material, I only list these as an example of the general vicinities that might interest me. I have no problem with printing controversial material, in fact I heart it. My main prerogative is that the submission should be intelligent and capable of making people think."[4]

CPAOD was the sponsor of the Death Equinox conventions held in Denver in the late 1990s, also known as Cyber-Psycho Convergences".[5][6]


Books publishedEdit

  • StarBones Weep the Blood of Angels by Sue Storm
  • Nice Little Stories Jam-Packed With Depraved Sex & Violence by Michael Hemmingson
  • The Hanging Man by S. Darnbrook Colson
  • Stealing My Rules by Don Webb
  • Stigma: After World by Jeffrey A. Stadt
  • Snuff Flique by Michael Hemmingson
  • A Good Cuntboy is Hard to Find by Doug Rice
  • The Forbidden Gospels of Man-Cruel Volumes I and II by T. Winter-Damon & Randy Chandler
  • A Pound of Ezra by Gregory R. Hyde

Featured magazinesEdit

This is a list of featured magazine contents, in issue-number sequence:

Regular Features (appeared in multiple issues):

  • Cyber-Cents (bargain basement technology)
  • Little Fyodor's "A Few of the Interesting Characters I Found Under the Floorboards"
  • The Incredible 2-Headed TV Casualty (horror movie commentary from a 2-headed monster)
  • Personal Reality Essays
  • Comics
  • Multi-media reviews

Early issues also featured bonus insert items:

  • #1 included a cassette tape of Futura Ultima Erotica songs.
  • #2 had The Leather Pope mini-comic as an insert.
  • #3 came with a pack of Pain trading cards.

CPAOD contributorsEdit


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