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Cuvillier Verlag is a German-based international publisher for dissertations, habilitation, scientific monographs and brochures. There are also congress proceedings, special research reports, anthologies, commemorative publications, project reports, series of publications, brochures and e-platforms for organizations or other publications. It was founded in 1989 in Göttingen by Eric Cuvillier and Annette Jentzsch-Cuvillier. The publisher exports more than 7,100 titles (as of January 2016) in science and business. The spectrum of scientific publications includes all faculties of science, arts, and engineering. It is a family business, run by Annette Jentzsch-Cuvillier.

Cuvillier Verlag
sole proprietorship
OwnerAnnette Jentzsch-Cuvillier

Publishing ProgramEdit

The more than 7,100 published titles are made available both in print and as e-books.

The main subject areas of the company are:

Cuvillier E-CollectionEdit

The company's e-book platform Cuvillier E-Collection , publishes current research.

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