Customs Administration, Ministry of Finance

Coordinates: 25°03′04″N 121°30′38″E / 25.051235°N 121.510614°E / 25.051235; 121.510614

The Customs Administration, Ministry of Finance (CA; Chinese: 財政部關務署; pinyin: Cáizhèngbù Guānwushǔ) is the agency of the Ministry of Finance of Taiwan (ROC) dealing with customs policies and regulations in Taiwan.

Customs Administration, Ministry of Finance
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Agency overview
Formed1854 (as Inspectorate General of Customs)
1 January 2013 (as CA)[1]
Preceding agencies
  • Inspectorate General of Customs
  • Directorate General of Customs
JurisdictionTaiwan (ROC)
HeadquartersDatong, Taipei
Agency executive
Parent agencyMinistry of Finance (Taiwan)
Customs Administration


CA was originally established in 1854 as Inspectorate General of Customs. On 3 February 1991, it was renamed to Directorate General of Customs and finally on 1 January 2013, it was renamed to Customs Administration.

Organizational structureEdit


  • Department of Customs Clearance Affairs
  • Department of Tariffs and Legal Affairs
  • Department of Investigation
  • Department of Information Management
  • Department of Valuation and Auditing
  • Department of Planning


  • Secretariat
  • Statistics Office
  • Accounting Office
  • Personnel Office
  • Internal Affairs Office
  • Civil Service Ethics Office


The CA headquarter office is accessible within walking distance North West from Taipei Railway Station.

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