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Cusseta, also known as Kasihta was a peace town of the Lower Creeks, a division of the Muscogee Creek Confederacy. It was located in what is now the state of Georgia.[1]



According to Muscogee oral history, early Creeks from Ocmulgee settled Cusseta and Coweta, approximately around 900–1000 CE.[2]

18th–19th centuriesEdit

After the Yamasee War, the people of Cussetta moved from the Chattahoochee River and rebuilt their town on Ocmulgee River.[1] Until the 1830s forced removal of the Creek Indians from Georgia and Alabama, Cusseta was one of the oldest and most significant Creek towns. The census of 1832–33 recorded 1,918 residents living in Cusetta.[1]

At the town on 24 March 1832, representatives of the Creek Nation signed the Treaty of Cusseta, ceding all the Nations lands east of the Mississippi River, which would be divided into individual allotments.


Lawson Army Airfield in Fort Benning currently occupies the site of Cusseta.


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