A curette is a surgical instrument designed for scraping or debriding biological tissue or debris in a biopsy, excision, or cleaning procedure. In form, the curette is a small hand tool, often similar in shape to a stylus; at the tip of the curette is a small scoop, hook, or gouge. The verb to curette means "to scrape with a curette", and curettage (/ˌkʊərɪˈtɑːʒ/ or /ˌkjʊərɪˈtɑːʒ/) is treatment that involves such scraping.

Illustration from a United States patent for an ornate curette (Michelson, 1988)
A curette in sterile packaging, for scraping the interior of the uterus
Spoon-shaped curette.


Some examples of medical use of a curette include:

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