Curd snack

Curd snack (Belarusian: сыро́к, syrok, Estonian: kohuke, Latvian: biezpiena sieriņš, Lithuanian: varškės sūrelis, Russian: сыро́к, syrok, Ukrainian: сиро́к, syrok) is a type of sweet snack made from curd cheese.

Curd snack
Varskes surelis2.jpg
Transsection of a curd snack with poppy seeds
Main ingredientscurd cheese and sugar, various glazes and fillings may be added

The main part of a curd snack is made from milled and pressed curd, and ingredients such as sugar, sweetener or other products. They can also have a filling such as raisins, jam or other fillings. They also sometimes have no filling and are glazed with chocolate or cream with berry or fruit flavours.

The traditional flavour is Vanilla, which is acquired using synthetic Vanillin. The most common is chocolate coating, although others are used. Instead of cocoa oil, palm oil is often used in the coating, there are curd snacks that feature natural chocolate and vanilla.

Curd snacks are popular in Russia, other former USSR republics, Baltic States (Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania), Hungary (Túró Rudi), Poland and Romania among others.


History of the curd snack is unclear. It is known that the roots of the curd snack come from Soviet Union. The final form of curd snack that is eaten nowadays (glazed with chocolate, etc.) settled in the Commonwealth of Independent States.[citation needed]

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