Cuore matto... matto da legare

Cuore matto... matto da legare (Italian for Mad heart... mad as a hatter) is a 1967 Italian musicarello film directed by Mario Amendola. It is named after the Little Tony's hit song "Cuore matto".[1][2][3][4]

Cuore matto... matto da legare
Cuore matto... matto da legare - Film 1967.jpg
Italian theatrical release poster by Renato Casaro
Directed byMario Amendola
Produced byItalo Zingarelli
Written byBruno Corbucci
Mario Amendola
StarringLittle Tony
Music byWilly Brezza
CinematographySandro D'Eva
Release date


Tony, a young singer who has returned to Rome from the United States, meets Carla at the airport, a beautiful architecture student he falls in love with.

The boy, who wants to continue the musical activity, forms a band with two friends, Marco and Sandro, also managing to perform live and get noticed by a Rai official: his parents, however, who are against these choices and they would prefer to see their son working in their butcher shop, they try to arrange a marriage for him with a girl friend of the family, Cesira, to make him settle down.

While Tony is walking with Cesira trying to get rid of her, he is seen by Carla who, jealous, decides not to see him again: the intervention of the two friends Marco and Sandro, who suggest that he invent a twin brother, Pompeo, who would be been walking with Cesira in Tony's place, instead of being decisive it will complicate things.

In the end, after some ups and downs, the story will end with a happy ending for the two young people.



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