Cungšan (Manchu: ᠴᡠᠩᡧᠠᠨ[1][2], Möllendorff: cungšan, Abkai: cungxan, Chinese: 充善; pinyin: Chōng shàn) was a chieftain of the Jurchen Jianzhou Left Guard. His posthumous name was Emperor Chun (純皇帝; Chún Huángdì).

In 1442, a succession dispute between Cungšan and his half-brother Fanca led to a division in the Jianzhou Left Guard. Cungšan inherited his father's position as head of the Jianzhou Left Guard while his brother Fanca was made head of a new separate Jianzhou Right Guard by the Ming Dynasty. After the death of his half-brother Fanca, Cungšan brought the Right Guard under his control.[3]


  • Children:
  1. Tolo (妥罗)
  2. Toimo (妥义谟)
  3. Sibeoci Fiyanggū (锡宝齐篇古)


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House of Odoli
Born: 1419 Died: 1467
Preceded by Chieftain of the Jianzhou Jurchens
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